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TR 38.817-02RAN4
5G New Radio —
General aspects for
Base Station Radio Frequency (RF)

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WI Acronym:  NR_newRAT-Core
Rapporteur:  Mr. Skold, JohanEricsson LM

The present document is a technical report for the work item on Work Item on New Radio (NR) Access Technology, covering the general aspects for Base Station Radio Frequency for NR.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 10
2  References
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord-p. 11
4  General and common aspectsWord-p. 16
5  General BS RF aspectsWord-p. 17
6  Conducted BS transmitter characteristics
6.1  General
6.2  Base station output powerWord-p. 26
6.3  Output power dynamicsUp
6.4  Transmit ON/OFF power
6.5  Transmitted signal qualityWord-p. 28
6.6  Unwanted emissions
6.7  Transmitter intermodulation
7  Conducted BS receiver characteristicsWord-p. 42
9  Radiated BS transmitter characteristicsWord-p. 52
9.1  GeneralUp
9.2  Radiated transmit powerWord-p. 54
9.3  OTA Base station output power
9.4  OTA output power dynamicsUp
9.5  OTA Transmit ON/OFF powerWord-p. 57
9.6  OTA Transmitted signal qualityWord-p. 61
9.7  OTA Unwanted emissions
9.8  OTA Transmitter intermodulation
9.9  Transmitter spatial emissions
9.10  Beam switching speedWord-p. 72
10  Radiated BS receiver characteristicsWord-p. 80
11  EMC requirementsWord-p. 92
12  Conformance testing aspectsUp
12.1  General
12.2  Conformance testing for Conducted requirements
12.3  Conformance testing for OTA TX directional requirementsWord-p. 99
12.4  Conformance testing for OTA RX directional requirementsWord-p. 108
12.5  Conformance testing for OTA RX out of band blockingWord-p. 116
12.6  Conformance testing for OTA in band TRP requirementsUp
12.7  Conformance testing for OTA out of band TRP requirements
12.8  Conformance testing for OTA co-location requirements
12.9  Conformance testing for performance requirementsUp
12.10  TRP measurements
A  Aspects related to measurement of OTA unwanted emissionWord-p. 144
B  Simulation assumptions and results summary for RF Fixed Reference ChannelsWord-p. 146
C  Change historyWord-p. 148

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