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TR 38.871
Study on NR frequency range 2 (FR2) Over-the-Air (OTA) testing enhancements

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Dr. Han, Bin
Qualcomm Incorporated

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1  Scopep. 7

The objectives for FR2-1 OTA testing for UEs with multi-panel reception and 4DL layer are as follows:
  • Define a test methodology for RF/RRM/Demodulation requirements testing for devices that can receive simultaneously from multiple Angle of Arrival (AoA).
  • The multiple AoA test setup should enable testing of up to 2 DL Layers with dual polarization for each angle;
    • For RRM, the target should be to allow testing of 4 AoAs with 2 simultaneously active AoAs .
    • Define a test methodology for up to 4 DL MIMO layer demodulation testing.
  • Smartphone form factor should be the first priority, other UE types should also be discussed as 2nd priority
  • Develop the related preliminary uncertainty assessments for the test methodologies
  • The tests shall take the test system reuse, test system complexity and test time into account to keep the whole test costs within a reasonable level.

2  Referencesp. 7

3  Definitions of terms, symbols and abbreviationsp. 8

3.1  Termsp. 8

3.2  Symbolsp. 8

3.3  Abbreviationsp. 8

4  Generalp. 9

5  UE RF testing methodology for multi-Rx chain DL receptionp. 10

5.1  Generalp. 10

5.2  Measurement setupp. 10

5.3  Test System Aspectsp. 39

5.4  Calibration Measurement Procedurep. 74

5.5  Test procedurep. 75

6  UE RRM testing methodology for multi-Rx chain DL receptionp. 77

7  UE demodulation and CSI testing methodology for multi-Rx chain DL receptionp. 83

8  Summaryp. 84

A  Measurement uncertaintyp. 86

B  UE coordinate systemp. 91

G  Step size of measurement gridsp. 99

$  Change historyp. 102

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