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TR 38.823RAN3
Study of further enhancement for disaggregated gNB

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WI Acronym:  FS_enh_disagg_gNB
Rapporteur:  Mr. Sen, XuChina Telecom Corporation Ltd.

The objective of this study item is to investigate enhancements to disaggregated gNB scenario. At least the following topics should be studied:
  1. Identifying detailed solutions for further enhancements on current flow control mechanism with the following aspects considered.
    • PDCP PDUs may be delivered in the Uu interface out of sequence.
    • The re-transmitted PDCP PDUs may arrive at DU out of order.
    • In DC scenario, data transmitted to UE from two legs may arrive out of order which in turn may result in out-of-order delivery to higher layer in case of re-ordering timer expiration.
    Note1: The solution was required to be backward compatible (i.e. carefully consider the fact no criticality handling defined in U-plane protocol specification).
  2. Identifying detailed solutions to support the scenario that one UE connects to several gNB-CU-UPs which belong to different security domains.
    Note2: SA3 should be involved in this SI.
    Note3: CP/UP separation and CU/DU split should be invisible to other nodes (especially UE should not be impacted).

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