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9.3.2  Transport Network Layer Related IEs

9.3.3  NAS Related IEs  AMF UE NGAP ID  RAN UE NGAP ID  GUAMI  NAS-PDUWord‑p. 235  PLMN Identity  SON Configuration Transfer  SON Information  SON Information ReplyWord‑p. 236  Xn TNL Configuration Info  TACWord‑p. 237  TAI  AMF Set ID  Routing ID  NRPPa-PDU  RAN Paging PriorityWord‑p. 238  EPS TAC  EPS TAI  UE Paging Identity  AMF Pointer  5G-S-TMSI  AMF NameWord‑p. 239  Paging Origin  UE Identity Index Value  Periodic Registration Update TimerWord‑p. 240  UE-associated Logical NG-connection List  NAS Security Parameters from NG-RAN  Source to Target AMF Information RerouteWord‑p. 241  RIM Information Transfer |R16|  RIM Information |R16|  LAI |R16|Word‑p. 242  Extended Connected Time |R16|  End Indication |R16|  Inter-system SON Configuration Transfer |R16|  Inter-system SON Information |R16|Word‑p. 243  SON Information Report |R16|  Inter-system SON Information Report |R16|  Failure Indication |R16|Word‑p. 244  Inter-system Failure Indication |R16|  HO Report |R16|  Inter-system HO Report |R16|Word‑p. 245  UE RLF Report Container |R16|Word‑p. 246  NID |R16|Word‑p. 247  CAG ID |R16|  NPN Support |R16|  Allowed PNI-NPN List |R16|  NPN Access Information |R16|Word‑p. 248  Cell CAG List |R16|  UL CP Security Information |R16|  DL CP Security Information |R16|Word‑p. 249  Configured TAC Indication |R16|  Extended AMF Name |R16|

9.3.4  SMF Related IEs  PDU Session Resource Setup Request Transfer  PDU Session Resource Setup Response TransferWord‑p. 251  PDU Session Resource Modify Request TransferWord‑p. 252  PDU Session Resource Modify Response TransferWord‑p. 254  PDU Session Resource Notify TransferWord‑p. 256  PDU Session Resource Modify Indication Transfer  PDU Session Resource Modify Confirm TransferWord‑p. 257  Path Switch Request TransferWord‑p. 258  Path Switch Request Acknowledge TransferWord‑p. 260  Handover Command Transfer  Handover Request Acknowledge TransferWord‑p. 261  PDU Session Resource Release Command TransferWord‑p. 263  PDU Session Resource Notify Released Transfer  Handover Required Transfer  Path Switch Request Setup Failed Transfer  PDU Session Resource Setup Unsuccessful TransferWord‑p. 264  PDU Session Resource Modify Unsuccessful Transfer  Handover Preparation Unsuccessful Transfer  Handover Resource Allocation Unsuccessful Transfer  Path Switch Request Unsuccessful Transfer  PDU Session Resource Release Response Transfer  PDU Session Resource Modify Indication Unsuccessful Transfer  Secondary RAT Data Usage Report TransferWord‑p. 265  UE Context Resume Request Transfer |R16|  UE Context Resume Response Transfer |R16|  UE Context Suspend Request Transfer |R16|

9.4  Message and Information Element Abstract Syntax (with ASN.1)

9.5  Message Transfer SyntaxWord‑p. 456

9.6  Timers

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