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9.3  Information Element Definitions

9.3.1  Radio Network Layer Related IEs  Message Type  Cause  Criticality DiagnosticsWord‑p. 161  Bit Rate  Global RAN Node IDWord‑p. 162  Global gNB ID  NR CGI  Global ng-eNB IDWord‑p. 163  E-UTRA CGI  GBR QoS Flow Information  QoS Flow Level QoS ParametersWord‑p. 164  QoS Flow List with CauseWord‑p. 165  Trace Activation  Core Network Assistance Information for RRC INACTIVEWord‑p. 166  User Location InformationWord‑p. 167  Slice Support ListWord‑p. 169  Dynamic 5QI Descriptor  Allocation and Retention PriorityWord‑p. 171  Source to Target Transparent Container  Target to Source Transparent ContainerWord‑p. 172  Handover Type  MICO Mode IndicationWord‑p. 173  S-NSSAI  Target ID  Emergency Fallback Indicator  Security IndicationWord‑p. 174  Non Dynamic 5QI Descriptor  Source NG-RAN Node to Target NG-RAN Node Transparent ContainerWord‑p. 175  Target NG-RAN Node to Source NG-RAN Node Transparent ContainerWord‑p. 176  Allowed NSSAIWord‑p. 177  Relative AMF Capacity  DL Forwarding  DRBs to QoS Flows Mapping ListWord‑p. 178  Message Identifier  Serial Number  Warning Area List  Number of Broadcasts RequestedWord‑p. 179  Warning Type  Data Coding Scheme  Warning Message ContentsWord‑p. 180  Broadcast Completed Area List  Broadcast Cancelled Area ListWord‑p. 181  Number of BroadcastsWord‑p. 183  Concurrent Warning Message Indicator  Cancel-All Warning Messages Indicator  Emergency Area ID  Repetition Period  PDU Session IDWord‑p. 184  QoS Flow Identifier  PDU Session Type  DRB ID  Masked IMEISV  New Security Context IndicatorWord‑p. 185  Time to Wait  Global N3IWF ID  UE Aggregate Maximum Bit Rate  Security ResultWord‑p. 186  User Plane Security Information  Index to RAT/Frequency Selection Priority  Data Forwarding Accepted  Data Forwarding Not Possible  Direct Forwarding Path AvailabilityWord‑p. 187  Location Reporting Request Type  Area of InterestWord‑p. 188  UE Presence in Area of Interest List  UE Radio Capability for Paging  Assistance Data for PagingWord‑p. 189  Assistance Data for Recommended Cells  Recommended Cells for Paging  Paging Attempt Information  NG-RAN CGIWord‑p. 190  UE Radio Capability  UE Radio Capability - E-UTRA Format |R16|  Time Stamp  Location Reporting Reference IDWord‑p. 191  Data Forwarding Response DRB List  Paging Priority  Packet Loss Rate  Packet Delay Budget  Packet Error RateWord‑p. 192  Averaging Window  Maximum Data Burst Volume  Priority Level  Mobility Restriction List  UE Security CapabilitiesWord‑p. 194  Security KeyWord‑p. 195  Security ContextWord‑p. 196  IMS Voice Support Indicator  Paging DRX  RRC Inactive Transition Report Request  RRC State  Expected UE BehaviourWord‑p. 197  Expected UE Activity Behaviour  UE History InformationWord‑p. 198  Last Visited Cell Information  Last Visited NG-RAN Cell InformationWord‑p. 199  Cell Type  Associated QoS Flow List  Information on Recommended Cells and RAN Nodes for Paging  Recommended RAN Nodes for PagingWord‑p. 200  PDU Session Aggregate Maximum Bit Rate  Maximum Integrity Protected Data Rate  Overload ResponseWord‑p. 201  Overload Action  Traffic Load Reduction Indication  Slice Overload List  RAN Status Transfer Transparent ContainerWord‑p. 202  COUNT Value for PDCP SN Length 12Word‑p. 204  COUNT Value for PDCP SN Length 18  RRC Establishment CauseWord‑p. 205  Warning Area Coordinates  Network Instance  Secondary RAT Usage Information  Volume Timed Report ListWord‑p. 206  Redirection for Voice EPS Fallback  UE Retention InformationWord‑p. 207  UL Forwarding  CN Assisted RAN Parameters Tuning  Common Network Instance  Data Forwarding Response E-RAB List |R16|  gNB Set ID |R16|Word‑p. 208  RNC-ID |R16|  Extended RNC-ID |R16|  RAT Information |R16|  Extended RAT Restriction Information |R16|  SgNB UE X2AP ID |R16|Word‑p. 209  SRVCC Operation Possible |R16|  IAB Authorized |R16|  TSC Traffic Characteristics |R16|  TSC Assistance Information |R16|Word‑p. 210  Periodicity |R16|  Burst Arrival Time |R16|  Redundant QoS Flow Indicator |R16|  Extended Packet Delay Budget |R16|  Redundant PDU Session Information |R16|Word‑p. 211  NB-IoT Default Paging DRX |R16|  NB-IoT Paging eDRX Information |R16|  NB-IoT Paging DRX |R16|  Enhanced Coverage Restriction |R16|  Paging Assistance Data for CE Capable UE |R16|Word‑p. 212  UE Radio Capability ID |R16|  WUS Assistance Information |R16|  UE Differentiation Information |R16|  NB-IoT UE Priority |R16|Word‑p. 214  NR V2X Services Authorized |R16|  LTE V2X Services Authorized |R16|  NR UE Sidelink Aggregate Maximum Bit Rate |R16|  LTE UE Sidelink Aggregate Maximum Bit Rate |R16|  PC5 QoS Parameters |R16|Word‑p. 215  Alternative QoS Parameters Set List |R16|  Alternative QoS Parameters Set Index |R16|Word‑p. 216  Alternative QoS Parameters Set Notify Index |R16|  Paging eDRX Information |R16|  CE-mode-B Restricted |R16|  CE-mode-B Support Indicator |R16|Word‑p. 217  LTE-M Indication |R16|  Suspend Request Indication |R16|  Suspend Response Indication |R16|  UE User Plane CIoT Support Indicator |R16|  Global TNGF ID |R16|Word‑p. 218  Global W-AGF ID |R16|  Global TWIF ID |R16|  W-AGF User Location Information |R16|  Global eNB ID |R16|Word‑p. 219  UE History Information from UE |R16|  MDT Configuration |R16|  MDT PLMN List |R16|  MDT Configuration-NR |R16|Word‑p. 220  MDT Configuration-EUTRA |R16|Word‑p. 222  M1 Configuration |R16|Word‑p. 223  M4 Configuration |R16|  M5 Configuration |R16|Word‑p. 224  M6 Configuration |R16|  M7 Configuration |R16|  MDT Location Information |R16|  Bluetooth Measurement Configuration |R16|Word‑p. 225  WLAN Measurement Configuration |R16|  Sensor Measurement Configuration |R16|Word‑p. 226  Event Trigger Logged MDT Configuration |R16|  NR Frequency Info |R16|Word‑p. 227  Area Scope of Neighbour Cells |R16|  NPN Paging Assistance Information |R16|  NPN Mobility Information |R16|Word‑p. 228  Cell CAG Information |R16|  Target to Source Failure Transparent Container |R16|  Target NG-RAN Node to Source NG-RAN Node Failure Transparent Container |R16|  DAPS Request Information |R16|Word‑p. 229  DAPS Response Information |R16|  Early Status Transfer Transparent Container |R16|  Extended Slice Support List |R16|Word‑p. 230  UE Capability Info Request |R16|  Extended RAN Node Name |R16|

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