3GPP 22-series — Service Aspects – Stage 1

new Specifications and Reports at each 3GPP quarterly Plenary Meeting

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This list presents the latest Specifications and Reports (TS/TR) introduced during each 3GPP quarterly Plenary Meeting, beginning from the most recent meeting and going back to approximately mid-2016, around the commencement of the 5G era. By reviewing this list, you can easily identify the assigned rapporteur responsible for each TS/TR, along with the corresponding company or organization that has delegated them to contribute to this standardization process.
TR 22.848Mr. Berisot, ThierryNOVAMINTon Interconnect of SNPN
TS 22.137Mr. Aleksiev, VasilDeutsche Telekom AGIntegrated Sensing and Communication
TS 22.156Mr. Guttman, ErikSamsung R&D Institute UKMobile Metaverse Services
TS 22.369Mr. Xu, WeijieShenzhen HeytapService requirements for Ambient power-enabled IoT
TR 22.840Mr. Xu, WeijieShenzhen Heytapon Ambient power-enabled Internet of Things
TR 22.841Mr. Pica, FrancescoQualcomm Germanyon UL traffic steering, switching and split over dual 3GPP access
TR 22.916Dr. Lee, Ki-DongLG Electronics Inc.on Network of Service Robots with Ambient Intelligence
TR 22.837Mr. Aleksiev, VasilDeutsche Telekom AGon Integrated Sensing and Communication
TR 22.843Mr. Qin, PengtaiChina Mobile Com. Corporationon Drone operation and management
TR 22.851Ms. WEI, QUNChina Unicomon Network Sharing aspects
TR 22.856Mr. Guttman, ErikSamsung R&D Institute UKon Localized Mobile Metaverse Services
TR 22.865Mr. Berisot, ThierryNOVAMINTon Satellite access Phase 3
TR 22.876Mr. Xu, YangGuangdong OPPO Mobile Telecom.on AI/ML Model Transfer Phase 2
TR 22.882Ms. Shi, XiaonanChina Mobile Com. Corporationon Energy Efficiency as service criteria
TR 22.877Mr. Bleckert, PeterEricsson LMon Roaming Value Added Services
TR 22.890Prof. Han, Andrew Min-gyuHansung Universityon supporting railway smart station services
TR 22.926Mr. MICHEL, CyrilTHALESGuidelines for extraterritorial 5G Systems
TR 22.990Mr. Gach, GuillaumeUnion Inter. Chemins de FerStudy on off-network for Rail
TR 22.839Mr. Pica, FrancescoQualcomm Incorporatedon Vehicle-Mounted Relays
TR 22.847Dr. Wang, ShuoChina Mobile Com. Corporationon tactile and multi-modality communication services
TR 22.844Mr. Nasielski, JackQualcomm CDMA Technologieson Localized Services in 5G Networks
TR 22.855Mr. JIANG, XIAOWEIBeijing Xiaomi Mobile Softwareon Ranging-based Services
TR 22.858Mr. Norp, ToonTNOon enhancements for Residential 5G
TR 22.859Mr. Buckley, Adrianvivo Mobile Communication Co.on Personal Internet of Things (PIoT) networks
TR 22.867Mr. XIA, XUChina Telecomunication Corp.on 5G Smart Energy and Infrastructure
TR 22.873Ms. Yan, DiChina Mobile Research Inst.on evolution of the IMS Multimedia Telephony Service
TR 22.874Mr. Shen, JiaGuangdong OPPO Mobile Telecom.on Traffic characteristics for AI/ML Model Transfer
TR 22.881Mr. Toobe, JensBDBOSon sharing Adm. Conf. info between MCX systems
TR 22.835Mr. Chun, SungDuckLG Electronics Franceon enhanced access to Network Slices
TR 22.878Ms. Covell, BetsyNokiaon 5G Timing Resiliency System
TR 22.989Mr. Gach, GuillaumeUnion Inter. Chemins de FerStudy on Future Railway Mobile Communication System
TS 22.263Mr. Wagdin, IanBBCService Requirements for VIAPA
TR 22.826Mr. Lagrange, MathieuB-Comon Services for Critical Medical Applications
TR 22.827Dr. Cauduro Dias de Paiva, RafaelSennheiser Electronic GmbHon Audio-Visual Service Production
TR 22.831Mr. Chun, SungDuckLG Electronics Franceon Minimization of Service Interruption
TR 22.832Mr. Bahr, MichaelSiemens AGon Cyber-Physical Control Applications
TR 22.836Mr. Berisot, ThierryNOVAMINTon Asset Tracking Use Cases
TR 22.854Mr. Singh, RayVencore Labson Multimedia Priority Service (MPS) Phase 2
TR 22.866Ing. Almodovar Chico, Jose LuisTNOon enhanced Relays for Energy Efficiency
TR 22.829Ms. WEI, QUNChina Unicomon enhancement for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
TR 22.834Dr. Liao, Ellen C.Intelon Support for Multi-USIM Devices
TR 22.842Mr. Yang, NingOPPO Beijingon Network Controlled Interactive Services
TS 22.104Dr. Walewski, JoachimSiemens AGCyber-Physical Control Applications
TS 22.119Ms. Koo, HyounheeSyncTechno Inc.Maritime Communication Services
TS 22.125Mr. Hall, EdwardQualcomm UK LtdUnmanned Aerial System (UAS) support in 3GPP
TS 22.262Dr. Zheng, JianpingChina Mobile Com. CorporationMessage Service within the 5G System
TS 22.289Mr. Merkel, JürgenNokia GermanyMobile Communication System for Railways
TR 22.824Dr. Zheng, JianpingChina Mobile Com. Corporationon 5G Message Service for MIoT
TR 22.825Mr. Hall, EdwardQualcomm UK Ltdon Remote Identification of Unmanned Aerial Systems
TR 22.830Ms. Covell, BetsyNokia UKon Business Role Models for Network Slicing
TR 22.804Dr. Walewski, JoachimSiemens AGon Automation in Vertical Domains
TR 22.819Ms. Koo, HyounheeSyncTechno Inc.on Maritime Communication Services over 3GPP System
TR 22.822Mr. MICHEL, CyrilTHALESon using Satellite Access in 5G
TR 22.872Mr. RIES, LionelESAon Positioning Use Cases
TR 22.904Mr. Bischinger, KurtT-Mobile Austria GmbHStudy on a Layer for User Centric Identifiers
TR 22.821Mr. Nasielski, JackQualcomm CDMA Technologieson LAN Support in 5G
TR 22.823Ms. Cai, HuiChina Mobile Research Inst.on IMS for New Real Time Communication Services
TR 22.833- on LTE for efficient Delivery of Streaming Service
TR 22.869- on enhancements of Public Warning System (PWS)
TS 22.186Mr. Chun, SungDuckLG Electronics FranceService Requirements for enhanced V2X Scenarios
TS 22.261Dr. Li, AliceVODAFONE Group PlcService Requirements for the 5G system
TR 22.820Ms. Covell, BetsyNokia UKon Provision of Local Operator Services
TR 22.889Mr. Merkel, JürgenNokia Germanyon Future Railway Mobile Communication System
TR 22.886Mr. Chun, SungDuckLG Electronics Franceon 3GPP support for 5G V2X Services
TS 22.280Mr. Thiessen, AndrewU.S. Department of CommerceMCS Common Requirements (MCCoRe)
TS 22.281Ms. Villebrun, EmmanuelleMINISTERE DE L'INTERIEURMCVideo Services
TS 22.282Ms. Villebrun, EmmanuelleMINISTERE DE L'INTERIEURMCData Services
TR 22.861Dr. Neal, AdrianVODAFONE Group PlcFS_SMARTER: Massive Internet of Things
TR 22.862Mr. Kanerva, MikkoNokia Networks OyFS_SMARTER: Critical Communications
TR 22.863Mrs. Meriau, LaurenceHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd.FS_SMARTER: enhanced Mobile Broadband
TR 22.864Ms. Lu, LuChina Mobile Com. CorporationFS_SMARTER: Network Operation
TS 22.185Dr. Lee, Ki-DongLG Electronics Inc.Service Requirements for V2X Services
TR 22.891Dr. Neal, AdrianVODAFONE Group Plcon New Services and Markets Technology Enablers