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TR 22.886SA1
Study on
enhancement of 3GPP support
for 5G V2X Services

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WI Acronym:  FS_eV2X
Rapporteur:  Mr. Chun, SungDuckLG Electronics France

The objective of this document is to identify use cases and potential service requirements to enhance 3GPP support for V2X service in the following areas:
  • Support for non-safety V2X services (also, referred to as "comfort service") (e.g. connected vehicle, mobile high data rate entertainment, mobile hot-spot/office/home, dynamic digital map update)
  • Support for safety-related V2X services (e.g. autonomous driving, car platooning, priority handling between safety-related V2X services and other services)
  • Support for V2X services in multiple 3GPP RATs (e.g. LTE, New RAT (NR)) and networks environment, including aspects such as interoperability with non-3GPP V2X technology (e.g. ITS-G5, DSRC, ITS-Connect)
In this document, V2X-related use cases and potential requirements already included in TR 22.891 are considered and new ones are introduced.
The identification of use cases and potential requirements covers both evolved LTE RAT and new 3GPP RAT (e.g. NR) and also covers V2X operation using 3GPP RATs where there are non-3GPP V2X technologies (e.g. ITS-G5, DSRC, ITS-Connect) in use.

full Table of Contents for  TR 22.886  Word version:   16.2.0

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1  ScopeWord-p. 9
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 11
4  Overview
5  Use casesWord-p. 13
5.1  eV2X support for vehicle platooning
5.2  Information exchange within platoonWord-p. 14
5.3  Automotive: sensor and state map sharing
5.4  eV2X support for remote drivingWord-p. 17
5.5  Automated cooperative driving for short distance groupingWord-p. 18
5.6  Collective perception of environment
5.7  Communication between vehicles of different 3GPP RATs
5.8  Multi-PLMN environment
5.9  Cooperative collision avoidance (CoCA) of connected automated vehiclesWord-p. 25
5.10  Information sharing for partial/ conditional automated drivingWord-p. 26
5.11  Information sharing for high/full automated drivingWord-p. 28
5.12  Information sharing for partial/ conditional automated platooning
5.13  Information sharing for high/full automated platooning
5.14  Dynamic ride sharingWord-p. 33
5.15  Use case on multi-RAT
5.16  Video data sharing for assisted and improved automated driving (VaD)
5.17  Changing driving-modeWord-p. 36
5.18  Tethering via VehicleWord-p. 38
5.19  Use case out of 5G coverage
5.20  Emergency trajectory alignmentUp
5.21  Teleoperated support (TeSo)
5.22  Intersection safety information provisioning for urban driving
5.23  Cooperative lane change (CLC) of automated vehicles
5.24  Proposal for secure software update for electronic control unit
5.25  3D video composition for V2X scenario
5.26  QoS aspect of vehicles platooning
5.27  QoS aspects of advanced driving
5.28  QoS aspect of remote driving
5.29  QoS Aspect for extended sensorWord-p. 56
5.30  Different QoS estimation for different V2X applications
6  ConsiderationsWord-p. 60
7  Potential requirementsWord-p. 61
8  Conclusion and recommendationsWord-p. 68
A  Mapping of use cases to use case groupWord-p. 69
B  Mapping table between PRs and CPRsWord-p. 71
C  Other considered use casesWord-p. 74
D  Change historyWord-p. 75

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