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TR 22.834SA1
Study on support for
Multi-USIM Devices

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WI Acronym:  FS_MUSIM
Rapporteur:  Dr. Liao, Ellen C.Intel

The present document examines several use cases in support of UE with multiple USIMs (MUSIM UE) provided by same or different MNOs and identifies new potential service requirements for emergency services and normal services among USIMs.
With the growing demand in the consumer market, many commercially deployed devices support more than one USIM (typically two) in which the USIMs may be from the same or from different MNOs. The 3GPP system performance and user experiences are greatly impacted in the following two facts:
  • Currently, support for multi-USIM is handled in an implementation-specific manner without any support from 3GPP specifications, resulting in a variety of implementations and UE behaviours.
  • A multi-USIM device implementation typically uses common radio and baseband components that are shared among the multiple USIMs. For example, while actively communicating with the first system associated with USIM A, the UE needs to occasionally check the other system associated with USIM B, e.g. to monitor the paging channel, perform signal measurements, or read the system information, and determine if it needs to respond to a paging request from the other system.
The aim of this study is to study aspects indicated in objectives agreed in FS_MUSIM SID in the following use cases and provide corresponding service requirements for enabling multi-USIM devices supports in 3GPP system:
  • Enabling the support for terminal with multiple USIMs
  • Supporting Mobile-Terminated Service
  • Handling of emergency calls and sessions
The modes of operation for the MUSIM UE is indicated in GSMA Requirements for Multi SIM Devices Version 5.0.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 6
2  References
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviations
4  OverviewWord-p. 7
5  Use cases
5.1  Use case 1: Support for ME with Multiple USIMs
5.2  Use case 2: Support of Mobile Terminated Services for Multi-USIM Devices
5.3  Use case 3: Support of Emergency services for Multi-USIM DevicesWord-p. 10
5.4  Use Case 4: Incoming call for one USIM while having a call for another USIM
5.5  Use Case 5: Simultaneous voice service for one USIM and data service for the other USIM
5.6  Use case 6: Efficient Support of Mobile Terminated Services for Multi-USIM Devices
5.7  Use Case 7: Security Risks with Multi-USIM Devices
7  Additional considerations
8  Consolidated potential requirements
A  Change historyWord-p. 17

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