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TR 22.836 (SA1)
Study on Asset Tracking Use Cases

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Berisot, Thierry

The present document describes asset tracking use cases and identifies new potential service requirements as well as new KPIs to be supported by 5G communication services for asset tracking.
As every organisation owns assets (machines, medical devices, containers, pallets, trolleys…) and as an asset can be an (extremely) valuable one, the assets tracking represents a huge market (billions of units). These assets are not fixed: they are continuously transported all over the word by different kind of vehicles; and they are continuously moved inside different kinds of buildings.
The ownership of the assets change many times as different stakeholders take possession of some assets and pass it on to different stakeholders all along a supply chain and any value chain.
The values of these assets are not fixed as it changes all along a supply chain and any value chain. The development of the sharing economy means one asset is used by different people, so increases the need of tracking the asset.
So, every organisation needs to be able to track them anytime and anywhere (Indoor & Outdoor) in a global and multi modal context (sea, air, road, rail…).
Assets tracking includes several very different and distinct use cases such as pallets, trolleys, crates, containers, parcels, security assets but as well luggage, vehicles and even animals (Pets / Farm livestock) tracking.
The assets tracking topic is much more than just location; it includes real time monitoring of several elements or factors depending on the asset and its content if relevant (condition of the asset, environmental factors - temperature, shock detection, events…). It requires low cost IoT approach for which the two paramount requirements are coverage (need to support full coverage: Indoor / Urban/ Rural area/ Harsh environments / Metallic obstructions…) and battery consumption efficiency (designed to cope with 15 years' lifetime without changing the battery or the UE).
Incorporating the support of these new requirements into 5G and mMTC will contribute to improve the 5G system.

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