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TR 22.819SA1
Feasibility Study on
Maritime Communication Services
over 3GPP System

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WI Acronym:  FS_MARCOM
Rapporteur:  Ms. Koo, HyounheeSyncTechno Inc.

The present document aims to support the maritime communication services between users ashore and at sea or between vessels at sea over 3GPP system that are targeted to improve maritime safety, protect the maritime environment and promote the efficiency of shipping by reducing maritime casualty caused by human error, in particular, involving small ships and fishing vessels. In addition, the outcome of the technical report is expected to narrow the information gap between mobile users on land and shipboard users on vessels at sea by making it possible to provide the mobile broadband services.
The document describes use cases and potential requirements for services between shore-based users such as authorities and shipboard users in the maritime radio communication environment over 3GPP system. In addition, it deals with use cases to support Mission Critical Services between authorities on land and authorities at sea (e.g. maritime police) as well as use cases to support the interworking between 3GPP system and the existing/future maritime radio communication system for the seamless service of voice communication and data communication between users ashore and at sea or between vessels at sea.
Analysis is also made on which legacy services and requirements from the existing 3GPP system need to be included and which potential requirements need additional work for new functions to support maritime communication services over 3GPP system.

full Table of Contents for  TR 22.819  Word version:   16.2.0

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1  ScopeWord-p. 7
2  References
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord-p. 8
4  Overview
5  Use Cases for Mobile Broadband Services for Users at SeaWord-p. 9
6  Use Cases for Machine Type Communication Services inside a Vessel, between Vessels and between UEs at Sea
7  Use Cases for Maritime Communication Services between Authorities and Users at Sea
7.1  Vessel Shore Reporting
7.2  Use case on communication for search and rescueWord-p. 18
7.3  Coastal and local warning service
7.4  Pilotage serviceWord-p. 22
7.5  Tugs serviceWord-p. 24
7.6  Dissemination of PWS message for shipboard usersWord-p. 26
7.7  Urgent alarm service
7.8  VTS Information ServiceWord-p. 28
7.9  Navigational Assistance ServiceWord-p. 29
7.10  Traffic Organisation Service
7.11  Local Port ServiceWord-p. 30
7.12  Telemedical Assistance ServiceWord-p. 31
7.13  Maritime Assistance Service
7.14  Nautical Chart ServiceWord-p. 32
7.15  Nautical Publications Service
7.16  Ice Navigation ServiceWord-p. 33
7.17  Meteorological Information Service
7.18  Real-time Hydrographic and Environmental Information ServiceWord-p. 34
8  Use Cases for Interworking and HarmonizationWord-p. 35
9  Considerations
10  Potential Requirements
11  Conclusion and RecommendationsWord-p. 40
B  Change historyWord-p. 45

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