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10  Group management
10.1  General
10.2  Functional model for group managementWord-p. 47
10.3  Procedures and information flows for group management
10.3.1  General
10.3.2  Information flows for group managementUp  Group creation request  Group creation responseWord-p. 50  Group creation notification  Group information query request  Group information query response  Group membership update requestWord-p. 51  Group membership update response  Group membership notification  Group deletion requestWord-p. 52  Group deletion responseUp  Group deletion notification  Group information request  Group information responseWord-p. 53  Group information subscribe request  Group information subscribe response  Group information notify request  Group information notify responseWord-p. 54  Store group configuration request  Store group configuration response  Get group configuration requestUp  Get group configuration response  Subscribe group configuration requestWord-p. 55  Subscribe group configuration response  Notify group configuration request  Notify group configuration response  Configure VAL group requestWord-p. 56  Configure VAL group response  Group announcement  Group registration requestWord-p. 57  Group registration responseUp  Identity list notification  Group de-registration requestWord-p. 58  Group de-registration response
10.3.3  Group creation
10.3.4  Group information queryWord-p. 59
10.3.5  Group membershipWord-p. 60
10.3.6  Group configuration managementWord-p. 62
10.3.7  Location-based group creation
10.3.8  Group announcement and joinWord-p. 65
10.3.9  Group member leaveWord-p. 67
10.4  SEAL APIs for group management

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