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5  General architecture

5.1  General

The protocols over Uu and NG interfaces are divided into two structures:
  • User plane protocols
    These are the protocols implementing the actual PDU Session service, i.e. carrying user data through the access stratum.
  • Control plane protocols
    These are the protocols for controlling the PDU Sessions and the connection between the UE and the network from different aspects (including requesting the service, controlling different transmission resources, handover etc.). Also a mechanism for transparent transfer of NAS messages is included.

5.2  User plane

The PDU Session Resource service is offered from SAP to SAP by the Access Stratum. Figure 5.2-1 shows the protocols on the Uu and the NG interfaces that linked together provide this PDU Session Resource service.
Reproduction of 3GPP TS 38.401, Figure 5.2-1: NG and Uu user plane

5.3  Control planeWord‑p. 11
Figure 5.3-1 shows the control plane (signalling) protocol stacks on NG and Uu interfaces.
Reproduction of 3GPP TS 38.401, Figure 5.3-1: NG and Uu control plane

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