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7  MBS proceduresp. 39

7.1  Common procedure for Multicast and Broadcastp. 39

7.1.1  MBS Session Managementp. 39  Generalp. 39

The call flows in clause 7.1.1 and clause 7.3 show a "NEF/MBSF", but as detailed in Annex A, there can be different related network deployment involving either only NEF, or MBSF, or both.
The interactions between "NEF/MBSF" and MB-SMF, PCF, BSF and NRF depicted in the call flows apply for NEF, MBSF or a combined NEF and MBSF, depending on network deployment. They may also apply for an AF in the trusted domain where NEF is not mandated.
However, the interactions between AF and "NEF/MBSF" depicted in the call flows only apply for the NEF.
Interactions between AF and MBSF based on the MB2 interface follow TS 23.468 (see Annex C).
Interactions between AF and MBSF based on the xMB interface follow TS 26.348 (see Annex C).
Services offered by the MBSF and related interactions based on that service between MBSF and AF or NEF (if MBSF and NEF are split as shown in configuration 2) are specified in TS 26.502.
Detailed interactions between the MBSF or NEF and the MBSTF are specified in TS 26.502.

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