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TS 29.281 (CT4)
GTPv1-U – GPRS Tunnelling Protocol
for User plane

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Yang, Yong
See also:
TS 29.060  (GTPv0-U)

This TS defines the user plane of GTP used on:
  • the  Gn  and  Gp  interfaces of the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS);
  • the  Iu,  Gn  and  Gp  interfaces of the UMTS system;
  • the  S1-U,  S11-U,  S2a,  S2b,  X2,  S4,  S5,  S8,  S12,  M1  and  Sn  interfaces of the Evolved Packet System (EPS);
  • the  F1-U,  Xn,  N3  and  N9  interfaces of the 5G System (5GS);
GTP-U Tunnels are used to carry encapsulated T-PDUs and signalling messages between a given pair of GTP-U Tunnel Endpoints. The Tunnel Endpoint ID (TEID) which is present in the GTP header shall indicate which tunnel a particular T-PDU belongs to. In this manner, packets are multiplexed and de-multiplexed by GTP-U between a given pair of Tunnel Endpoints. The TEID value to be used in the TEID field shall be signalled to the peer GTP-U entity using a control plane protocol like GTPv1-C, GTPv2-C, RANAP or S1-AP.