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A.5  Central power generationWord‑p. 49
A.5.1  Overview
This domain comprises all aspects of centralised power generation, i.e. the centralised conversion of chemical energy and other forms of energy into electrical energy. Typical electric-power outputs are 100 MW and more. Examples for pertinent systems are large gas turbines, steam turbines, combined-cycle power plants, and wind farms. The planning and installation of respective equipment and plants as well as the operation, monitoring and maintenance of these plants is encompassed by this vertical domain.
A.5.2  Wind power plant network
Use case #
Characteristic parameter
Communication service availability: target value in %
Communication service reliability: mean time between failures
End-to-end latency: maximum
Packet error ratio
Influence quantity
UE speed
Service area

~ 10 years
16 ms
< 10-9
several km2

Use case one
Communication in support of closed-loop cyber-physical control in a wind farm. The wind farm can be deployed offshore.

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