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5   Description of Scenarios   Word-p. 23
5.1   Methodology for Entities description
5.2   Registration when roaming
5.3   Mobile Originating Call without loopback   Word-p. 34
5.4   Mobile Originating Call with loopback   Word-p. 46
5.5   Routeing when the originating and terminating user reside in the same home network   Word-p. 59
5.6   Routeing from originating home to terminating home network
5.7   Routeing from originating visited network to terminating home network
5.8   Routeing in terminating home network when user resides in this network   Word-p. 60
5.9   Routeing from terminating home network to the terminating visited network      Up
5.10   Insertion of service related media in the originating home network   Word-p. 69
5.11   PS to CS SRVCC access transfer scenarios   Word-p. 77
5.12   Invocation and configuration of services during roaming in a visited network   Word-p. 89
6.1   Key Issue #1: Unnecessary correlation of CDRs when loopback is not active
6.2   Key Issue #2: Identification of home network
6.3   Key Issue #3: Media Plane Interconnection is not reflected in any CDR
6.4   Other topics to be considered and recommendations   Word-p. 96
7   Conclusions   Word-p. 97
A   Change history   Word-p. 98

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