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TS 32.581 (SA5)
Home Node B (HNB) OAM&P – Type 1 interface HNB to HNB Management System (HMS) – Concepts and requirements

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(P) V14.0.0    2017/03    13 p.
(P) V13.0.0    2016/01    13 p.
(P) V12.0.0    2014/10    13 p.
(P) V11.0.0    2012/09    13 p.
(P) V10.2.0    2011/06    13 p.
(P) V9.3.0    2011/06    13 p.
(P) V8.2.0    2010/04    12 p.

Rapporteur:  Miss Zou, Lan
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Home NodeB has the following characteristics:
  • The quantity of Home NodeBs is likely to be large
  • There may be many Home NodeB vendors
  • Home NodeB may be purchased easily by end users in market
  • The location of Home NodeB could be in a private residence which may not be accessible for frequent on-site
  • maintenance
Based on the above characteristics, this specification defines the functionalities needed for the management of Home NodeB over a Type 1 interface.


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