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TS 32.141 (SA5)
Telecommunication management –
Subscription Management (SuM) architecture

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Heskin, Eamon
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3G Telecommunication Management focuses on the most important and strategic contexts in the physical architecture for the management of UMTS. The framework to help define a telecom management physical architecture for a planned UMTS and to adopt standards and provide products that are easy to integrate is defined in TS 32.102.

SuM manages Subscription Profile Components stored in network resources for the purpose of providing services to specific subscribers. This is done with an architecture that is consistent with the one specified in TS 32.102.

Subscription Profiles represent services and are associated to subscribers that employ these services. To the extent the HSS controls certain services, Subscription Profile Components can be associated with the HSS. Other services, and as a result Subscription Profiles Components, are outside the jurisdiction of the HSS. This TS defines the architecture for Subscription Management (SuM).


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