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TR 32.812 (SA5)
Telecommunication management –
Itf-N Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) template

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V7.0.0 (Wzip)  2007/03  22 p.

Rapporteur:  Dr. Liang, Shuangchun
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This TR provides a template for Itf-N Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) implementation conformance test. It defines the structure and table format for the ICS on the IS and CORBA SS level. The intention is that:
  • For each IRP IS and CORBA SS specification version, for which an operator wishes to purchase an implementation of, a specific ICS document should be produced following the template herein (where each generic subclause number should be replaced by real numbers reflecting the structure in that IRP specification), and
  • For each Itf-N product offered or provided to support one or more IRP specifications, the vendor should fill in each applicable field of the tables in the ICS document(s) relevant for that/those IRP specifications and provide it to the customer.


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