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TS 32.643 (SA5)
Configuration Management (CM) –
UTRAN network resources IRP –
CORBA Solution Set (SS)

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V9.3.0 (PDF)    2012/09    28 p.
V8.4.0    2012/09    28 p.
V7.5.0    2008/06    27 p.
V6.8.0    2007/12    18 p.
V5.5.0    2005/04    15 p.
V4.4.0    2005/04    16 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Toche, Christian
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The purpose of this UTRAN Network Resources IRP: CORBA Solution Set is to define the mapping of the IRP information model (see TS 32.642) to the protocol specific details necessary for implementation of this IRP in a CORBA/IDL environment.


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