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TS 32.611 (SA5)
Configuration Management (CM) –
Bulk CM IRP –

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Toche, Christian
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This TS describes the Bulk Configuration Management (CM) requirements for managing a 3G network. This is described from the management perspective in TS 32.101 and TS 32.102.

The Itf N for CM is built up by a number of Integration Reference Points (IRPs) and a related Name Convention TS 32.300, which realise the functional capabilities over this interface. The basic structure of the IRPs is defined in TS 32.101 and TS 32.102. For CM, a number of IRPs (and a Name Convention) are defined, used by this as well as by other specifications for Telecom Management produced by 3GPP. These IRPs are defined in separate 3GPP specifications, and listed in the table in the Introduction clause above. This TS defines the requirements for the Bulk CM IRP.


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