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TS 32.225 (SA5)
Charging management –
Charging data description for the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)

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V5.11.0 (PDF)  2006/03  69 p.

Rapporteur:  Dr. Shrader, David
Descendant:  TS 32.260

This TS covers both online and offline charging for the IMS. For clarity, the terms Offline Charging and Online charging as applied to the IMS are defined here in clause 3. These definitions are the same as listed in TS TS 32.200. The IMS charging architecture details, requirements, definitions and principles are listed in TS 32.200 and therefore are not repeated here.

In this TS the charging data triggers, message content and format are specified along with the transport of these messages using the Diameter protocol. Details about charging message flows and the definitions of the Diameter AVPs are also included in this TS. This information is divided into two main clauses: Online Charging and Offline Charging.


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1  Scope [R5]PDF-p. 7
2  References [R5]
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviations [R5]PDF-p. 8
4  Offline and Online Charging [R5]PDF-p. 9
5  Offline Charging [R5]PDF-p. 11
5.1  Diameter Description on the Rf Interfaces
5.2  CDR Description on the Bi InterfacePDF-p. 32
5.2.1  CDR Field Types
5.2.2  CDR TriggersPDF-p. 33
5.2.3  CDR ContentPDF-p. 34
5.2.4  CDR Parameter DescriptionPDF-p. 35  Application Provided Called Parties  Application Servers Information  Application Servers Involved  Authorised QoS  Bearer Service  Called Party Address  Calling Party AddressUp  Cause for Record Closing  Content DispositionPDF-p. 36  Content Length  Content Type  GGSN Address  GPRS Charging ID  IMS Charging Identifier  Incomplete CDR Indication  Inter Operator IdentifiersPDF-p. 37  List of Message BodiesUp  List of SDP Media Components  Local Record Sequence Number  Media Initiator Flag  Node Address  Originator  Private User IDPDF-p. 38  Record Closure Time  Record Extensions  Record Opening Time  Record Sequence NumberUp  Record Type  Retransmission  Role of Node  SDP Media Components  SDP Media Description:PDF-p. 39  SDP Media Name  SDP Session Description  Service Delivery End Time Stamp  Service Delivery Failure Reason  Service Delivery Start Time StampUp  Service IDPDF-p. 40  Service Request Timestamp  Service Specific Data  Session ID  Served Party IP Address  SIP Method  SIP Request Timestamp  SIP Response Timestamp  S-CSCF Information  Trunk Group ID Incoming/OutgoingPDF-p. 41Up
5.2.5  Bi interface Conventions
5.2.6  Abstract Syntax Description
5.2.7  Data Encoding RulesPDF-p. 43
6  Online Charging [R5]PDF-p. 44
7  AVPs Used for Offline and Online Charging [R5]PDF-p. 57Up
7.1  Diameter Base Protocol AVPs
7.2  Additional AVPs
A  Change historyPDF-p. 67

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