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TS 32.005 (SA5)
Charging management –
3G call and event data for the
Circuit Switched (CS) domain

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V3.7.0 (PDF)  2004/01  151 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Goermer, Gerald
Antecedent:  TS 12.05
Descendant:  TS 32.205

This TS is concerned with the administration of subscriber related event and call data. This includes both the collection of call data from, and the distribution of tariff data to, the Network Elements.

The subscriber (IMSI) and mobile equipment (IMEI) related call and event data collected is employed by a number of management activities including billing & accounting, statistical analysis and customer care. The tariff data in the Network Elements is required to support the supplementary service "Advice of Charge".

The aim of this TS is to describe both the network management functions required and the data involved.


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1  ScopePDF-p. 10
2  References
3  DefinitionsPDF-p. 11
4  AbbreviationsPDF-p. 12
5  GeneralPDF-p. 13
6  TMN management servicesPDF-p. 14
7  TMN management service componentsPDF-p. 17
8  TMN management functions

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