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TR 32.838 (SA5)
Gap analysis between
3GPP SA5 specifications and
NGMN Top Operational Efficiency (OPE) recommendations

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Toche, Christian
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The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance is a mobile telecommunications association of mobile operators, vendors, manufacturers and research institutes. It was founded by major mobile operators in 2006 as an open forum to evaluate candidate technologies to develop a common view of solutions for the next evolution of wireless networks. The NGMN Alliance complements and supports standards organizations by providing a coherent view of what mobile operators require.

The NGMN project Operational Efficiency (OPE) has taken the task to elaborate solutions and recommendations for pushing the operational efficiency in NMGN networks and has produced recommendations on standards and implementations. The NGMN OPE project strongly influenced the Top OPE Recommendations in the operational area.

The present document provides a gap analysis between NGMN Top OPE Recommendations and OAM capabilities offered by 3GPP SA5 Integration Reference Points (IRPs).

Based on this gap analysis, it provides a support status of SA5 specifications against NGMN Top OPE Recommendations. For each Top OPE Recommendation, the SA5 solution is described when it exists. Otherwise, some action may be considered to address the Top OPE recommendation.

Based on that information, a support status is produced which can take the following values:
  • Supported,
  • Partially Supported,
  • Not Supported,
  • Not Applicable.


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