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TS 32.425 (SA5)
Performance Management (PM) – Performance measurements –

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V14.1.0 (PDF)    2016/12    87 p.
V13.5.0    2016/06    86 p.
V12.0.0    2013/06    78 p.
V11.4.0    2012/12    73 p.
V10.7.0    2012/06    71 p.
V9.9.0    2012/06    54 p.
V8.8.0    2012/06    48 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Yao, Yizhi
See also:  –

This TS describes the measurements for E-UTRAN.

TS 32.401 describes Performance Management concepts and requirements.

This TS is valid for all measurement types provided by an implementation of an E-UTRAN.

Only measurement types that are specific to E-UTRAN are defined within this TSs. Vendor specific measurement types used in E-UTRAN are not covered. Instead, these could be applied according to manufacturer's documentation.


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1   Scope   PDF-p. 10
2   References
3   Measurement family and abbreviations   PDF-p. 11
4   Measurements related to eNodeB, Donor eNodeB and Relay Node   PDF-p. 13
4.0   Applicability of measurements [R10]
4.1   RRC connection related measurements
4.2   E-RAB related measurements
4.2.0   General [R11]
4.2.1   E-RAB setup      Up
4.2.2   E-RAB release   PDF-p. 24
4.2.3   E-RAB modification   PDF-p. 27
4.2.4   E-RAB activity
4.2.5   E-RAB number [R9]

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