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TS 32.422 (SA5)
Telecommunication management –
Subscriber and Equipment Trace – Trace control and configuration management

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Toche, Christian
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This TS describes the mechanisms used for the control and configuration of the Trace functionality at the EMs, NEs and UEs. It covers the triggering events for starting/stopping of subscriber/UE activity traced over 3GPP standardized signalling interfaces, the types of trace mechanisms, configuration of a trace, level of detail available in the trace data, the generation of Trace results in the Network Elements (NEs) and User Equipment (UE) and the transfer of these results to one or more EM(s) and/or Network Manager(s) (NM(s)).

The mechanisms for Trace activation/deactivation are detailed in clause 4; clause 5 details the various Trace control and configuration parameters and the triggering events that can be set in a network. Trace concepts and requirements are covered in TS 32.421 while Trace data definition and management is covered in TS 32.423.


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1  ScopePDF-p. 9
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsPDF-p. 11
4  Trace/UE measurements activation and deactivationPDF-p. 12
4.1  Trace Session activation / deactivation for Trace and MDT
4.1.1  Management activation
4.1.2  Signalling activation  General  Intra PLMN signalling activationPDF-p. 28Up  Inter PLMN Signalling ActivationPDF-p. 29  UTRAN activation mechanismsPDF-p. 31  PS Domain activation mechanisms  CS Domain activation mechanismsPDF-p. 35  Tracing roaming subscribersPDF-p. 36  Service Level Tracing for IMS activation mechanisms [R12]  EPC activation mechanism [R8]PDF-p. 44  E-UTRAN activation mechanisms [R8]PDF-p. 52  EPC and E-UTRAN Activation mechanism for MDT [R10]PDF-p. 53  PS domain activation mechanism for MDT [R10]PDF-p. 61  CS domain activation mechanism for MDT [R10]PDF-p. 66
4.1.3  Management deactivationPDF-p. 70
4.1.4  Signalling deactivationPDF-p. 73
4.1.5  MDT Trace selection conditions [R10]

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