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TR 32.808 (SA5)
Study of Common Profile Storage (CPS) Framework of User Data
for network services and management

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(W-zip) V8.0.0    2007/06    231 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Aba, Istvan
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This TR investigates possibilities to introduce an end-user profile storage framework into 3GPP conformant communication networks. To this end the following topics are covered:
  • Analysis of the consequences of creating one common data model structure for an end user:
    • Existing data specifications concerning an end-user or a subscriber in 3GPP, TISPAN, OMA and other relevant standardization groups are listed and used as a basis for the proposal of a structure for a common end-user data model.
    • Topics connected to the fact that one common data model exists, like minimizing data redundancy, access control, providing views for applications are highlighted.
    • The relationship between an end user and a subscriber as defined by 3GPP is revisited in light of the fact that the relations between subscribers (contract holders) and end-users can be n:m.
  • Current initiatives connected to subscription information carried out inside and outside 3GPP are covered.
  • Analysis of differences and deficiencies concerning 3GPP's current status of specifications (e.g. GUP, SuM, etc.) in comparison to existing/emerging solutions with centralized or distributed storage models.
  • Identification of items for standardization as a result of the analysis described in the bullet above.


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1   Scope   Word-p. 7
2   References
3   Definitions and abbreviations   Word-p. 12
4   Rationale for the Analysis of a Common User Model and of the Basic Structure of a Common Profile Storage Framework   Word-p. 17
5   Considerations on a Common User Model   Word-p. 29
5.1   Network Functions and Management Applications Using Subscriber/User Data   Word-p. 30
5.1.1   Network Supporting Services      Up
5.1.2   Enabling Services   Word-p. 40
5.1.3   Network Hosted Business Services and Network functions   Word-p. 85      Up
5.1.4   Generic User Profile (GUP)   Word-p. 142
5.1.5   Management Applications   Word-p. 147
5.2   Standardization documents containing subscriber/user information   Word-p. 183
5.3   Basics of a Common User Data Model   Word-p. 186
6   Basic Structure of the Common Profile Storage Framework (CPSF)   Word-p. 213
7   Gap-Analysis   Word-p. 222
8   Conclusions   Word-p. 224
A   Example for the realization of an end-user database according to the Common Profile Storage Framework   Word-p. 226      Up
B   Change history   Word-p. 231

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