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TS 32.300 (SA5)
Configuration Management (CM) – Name convention for Managed Objects

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Tse, Edwin
See also:  –

A more detailed background and introduction of the IRP concept is given in TS 32.101 and TS 32.102.

To perform network management tasks, co-operating applications require identical interpretation of names assigned to network resources under management. Such names are required to be unambiguous as well. This TS recommends one name convention for network resources under management in the IRP context.

To facilitate integration of network management information obtained via multiple IRPs based on different IRP Solution Set technologies, identical network resource name semantics shall be conveyed in all IRPs. This TS specifies one such name convention.

This TS also specifies an IOC/MOC name recommendation (see annex E) in order to avoid potential problems with valid characters in some programming languages.


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1   Scope   PDF-p. 7
2   References
3   Definitions and abbreviations   PDF-p. 8
4   System overview   PDF-p. 10      Up
5   Name Convention for Managed Objects
6   Representations of Distinguished Name (DN)   PDF-p. 11
7   String Representation of DN   PDF-p. 12
8   Examples of DN in string representation   PDF-p. 18
9   Usage Scenario   PDF-p. 19      Up
A  (Normative)   Mapping of RDN AttributeType to Strings   PDF-p. 20
B  (Normative)   Rule for MO Designers regarding AttributeType interpretation   PDF-p. 21
C   DN Prefix and Local Distinguished Name (LDN)   PDF-p. 23
D   Interpreting EBNF [13]   PDF-p. 25
E   IOC/MOC name recommendation   PDF-p. 27
F   Change history   PDF-p. 28

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