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TS 32.401 (SA5)
Performance Management (PM) – Concept and requirements

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Hubinette, Ulf
See also:  TS 32.104     TS 32.435     TS 32.436    

This TS describes the requirements for the management of performance measurements and the collection of performance measurement result data across GSM and UMTS networks. It defines the administration of measurement schedules by the Network Element Manager (EM), the generation of measurement results in the Network Elements (NEs) and the transfer of these results to one or more Operations Systems, i.e. EM(s) and/or Network Manager(s) (NM(s)).

The basic Performance Management concept that this TS is built upon is described in clause 4. The requirements of how an EM administers the performance measurements and how the results can be collected are defined in detail in clause 5. Measurements available for collection by NEs are described in the following specifications:
Effort has been made to ensure consistency in the definition of measurements between different NEs and generations. The performance measurement result is described in Performance Measurement File Format Definition (TS 32.432).


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