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8.19  Common EAS announcement |R18|p. 261

8.19.1  Generalp. 261

Common EAS announcement procedure enables an EES to exchange selected common EAS information with other EES(s).

8.19.2  Procedurep. 261

  1. The announcing EES may be pre-configured with the EES information of other receiving EES(s), which belongs to the same EDN; or
  2. The announcing EES may receive the list of receiving EES(s) information (e.g. address information) from the EEC during the EAS information provisioning procedure.
Reproduction of 3GPP TS 23.558, Fig. 8.19.2-1: Announce common EAS procedure
Step 1.
The announcing EES sends Announce common EAS request message to the receiving EES. The request message includes the requestor identifier [EESID], the security credentials, the selected common EAS information, the announcing EES endpoint, and the Application group ID.
Step 2.
Upon receiving the request from the announcing EES, the receiving EES checks if the announcing EES is authorized to provide the selected common EAS. The receiving EES stores the received selected EAS information and announcing EES endpoint along with the Application group ID.
Step 3.
If the processing of the request was successful, the receiving EES sends Announce common EAS response to the announcing EES indicating a successful status; otherwise, the receiving EES shall indicate a failure status and include appropriate reasons.

8.19.3  Information flowsp. 262  Generalp. 262

The information flows are specified for Announce common EAS request and response.  Announce common EAS requestp. 262

Table describes the information elements for Announce common EAS request from the announcing EES to the receiving EES.
Information element Status Description
Requestor identifierMThe identifier of the announcing EES.
Security credentialsMSecurity credentials resulting from a successful authorization for the edge computing service.
Selected common EAS IDMThe identifier of the Selected Common EAS.
Selected common EAS endpointMThe endpoint of the Selected Common EAS.
EES endpointOThe endpoint address (e.g., URI, IP address) of the announcing EES.
Application Group IDMApplication group identifier as defined in clause 7.2.11.
Up  Announce common EAS responsep. 262

Table describes the information elements for Announce common EAS response from the receiving EES to the announcing EES.
Information element Status Description
Successful responseOIndicates that the request was successful.
Failure response OIndicates that the request has failed.
CauseOIndicates the failure cause. Only included when Failure Response is included.

8.19.4  APIsp. 262  Generalp. 262

Table illustrates the API for common EAS announcement.
API Name API Operations Operation Semantics Consumer(s)
Eees_CommonEasAnnouncementDeclareRequest/ ResponseEES
Up  Eees_CommonEasAnnouncement_Declare operationp. 262

API operation name:
The consumer declares common EAS information to the EES.
See clause 8.19.2 for details of usage of this operation.

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