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C  Relationship with ETSI MEC architecturep. 190

C.1  Generalp. 190

This clause shows an example for how the EDGEAPP architecture and ETSI ISG MEC architecture as specified in ETSI GS MEC 003 [15] can complement each other.
ETSI ISG MEC addresses aspects pertaining to MEC Application enablement through the MEC platform. Additionally, ETSI ISG MEC supports management and orchestration aspects for MEC components.

C.2  Relationship between EDGEAPP and ETSI MEC architecturesp. 190

Figure C.2-1 provides the relationship of ETSI ISG MEC architecture with EDGEAPP architecture.
Copy of original 3GPP image for 3GPP TS 23.558, Fig. C.2-1: Relationship between EDGEAPP and ETSI MEC architectures
Details about MEC entities (MEC Platform, MEC Application, MEC Platform Manager, MEC Orchestrator, OSS and CFS) can be found in ETSI GS MEC 003 [15].
In ETSI MEC, MEC Applications and MEC Platform can expose services which can include network services, subject to their availability at the core or access network level.
Both EAS and MEC application are application servers and can provide similar application specific functionalities. EAS utilizes the services of EES as specified in this document whereas MEC application utilizes the services provided by MEC platform as specified in ETSI GS MEC 003 [15]. The EAS and MEC application can be aligned in an implementation.
Both EES and MEC platform provide application support capabilities towards the application servers. How EES and MEC platform are implemented or aligned is implementation specific. Likewise, alignment of the EDGE-3 and Mp1 reference points and EDGE-9 and Mp3 reference points is implementation specific. The EES and MEC platform can be aligned in an implementation.
The orchestration and management aspects of architecture for enabling edge applications are specified in TS 28.538.

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