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6.3  Slice load level related network data analytics
6.3.1  General
The NWDAF provides slice load level information to an NF on a Network Slice instance level. The NWDAF is not required to be aware of the current subscribers using the slice. The NWDAF notifies slice specific network status analytics information to the NFs that are subscribed to it. An NF may collect directly slice specific network status analytics information from NWDAF. This information is not subscriber specific.
The NWDAF services as defined in the clause 7.2 and clause 7.3 are used to expose slice load level analytics from the NWDAF to the consumer NF (e.g. PCF or NSSF).
The following Analytics ID is used for the slice load level related network data analytics:
  • Load level information
The following Analytics Filters can be included by the consumer in the related Nnwdaf_AnalyticsSubscription_Subscribe and Nnwdaf_AnalyticsInfo_Request service operation:
  • S-NSSAI and NSI ID.
  • NOTE:
    The use of NSI ID in the network is optional and depends on the deployment choices of the operator. If used, the NSI ID is associated with S-NSSAI.
  • Load Level Threshold value.
6.3.2A  Input dataWord-p. 21
There is no input data specification for support of slice load level analytics in this Release of the specification.
6.3.3A  Output analytics
The NWDAF reports when the load level of the Network Slice Instance, indicated by the S-NSSAI and the associated NSI ID (if applicable) in the Analytics Filter, crosses the threshold provided in the analytics subscription; if no threshold is provided in the subscription, the reporting (Notify operation) is assumed to be periodic.

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