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full Table of Contents for  TS 23.040  Word version:   15.3.0

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9.2.3  Definition of the TPDU parametersWord-p. 61  TP Message Type Indicator (TP MTI)  TP More Messages to Send (TP MMS)  TP Validity Period Format (TP VPF)Word-p. 62  TP Status Report Indication (TP SRI)  TP Status Report Request (TP SRR)Up  TP Message Reference (TP MR)  TP Originating Address (TP OA)Word-p. 63  TP Destination Address (TP DA)  TP Protocol Identifier (TP PID)  TP Data Coding Scheme (TP DCS)Word-p. 65  TP Service Centre Time Stamp (TP SCTS)  TP Validity Period (TP-VP)Word-p. 66  TP Discharge Time (TP DT)Word-p. 67  TP Recipient Address (TP RA)  TP Status (TP ST)  TP User Data Length (TP UDL)Word-p. 68  TP Reply Path (TP RP)Word-p. 69  TP Message Number (TP MN)  TP Command Type (TP CT)  TP Command Data Length (TP CDL)  TP Command Data (TP CD)Word-p. 70  TP Failure Cause (TP FCS)Up  TP User Data Header Indicator (TP UDHI)Word-p. 71  TP User Data (TP UD)  Concatenated Short MessagesWord-p. 75  Special SMS Message IndicationWord-p. 76  Application Port Addressing 8 bit addressWord-p. 78  Application Port Addressing 16 bit address  SMSC Control ParametersWord-p. 79  UDH Source IndicatorWord-p. 80  (U)SIM Toolkit Security Headers  Concatenated short messages, 16-bit reference numberUp  Wireless Control Message ProtocolWord-p. 81  Enhanced Messaging ServiceWord-p. 82  IETF RFC 5322 E-Mail HeaderUp  Hyperlink format element [R5]Word-p. 100  Enhanced Voice Mail Information [R6]Word-p. 101  Identification of a directory number within the User Data Field [R6]Word-p. 106  National Language Single Shift [R8]  National Language Locking Shift [R8]Word-p. 107  TP Reject Duplicates (TP RD)  TP Status Report Qualifier (TP SRQ)  TP Parameter Indicator (TP PI)Up  TP Loop-Prevention (TP LP) [R9]Word-p. 108
9.3  Service provided by the SM RLWord-p. 109

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