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9.2  Service provided by the SM TLWord‑p. 49

9.2.1  General

9.2.2  PDU Type repertoire at SM TL

9.2.3  Definition of the TPDU parametersWord‑p. 61  TP Message Type Indicator (TP MTI)  TP More Messages to Send (TP MMS)  TP Validity Period Format (TP VPF)Word‑p. 62  TP Status Report Indication (TP SRI)  TP Status Report Request (TP SRR)  TP Message Reference (TP MR)  TP Originating Address (TP OA)Word‑p. 63  TP Destination Address (TP DA)  TP Protocol Identifier (TP PID)  TP Data Coding Scheme (TP DCS)Word‑p. 65  TP Service Centre Time Stamp (TP SCTS)  TP Validity Period (TP-VP)Word‑p. 66  TP Discharge Time (TP DT)Word‑p. 67  TP Recipient Address (TP RA)  TP Status (TP ST)  TP User Data Length (TP UDL)Word‑p. 68  TP Reply Path (TP RP)Word‑p. 69  TP Message Number (TP MN)  TP Command Type (TP CT)  TP Command Data Length (TP CDL)  TP Command Data (TP CD)Word‑p. 70  TP Failure Cause (TP FCS)  TP User Data Header Indicator (TP UDHI)Word‑p. 71  TP User Data (TP UD)  Concatenated Short MessagesWord‑p. 75  Special SMS Message IndicationWord‑p. 76  Application Port Addressing 8 bit addressWord‑p. 78  Application Port Addressing 16 bit address  SMSC Control ParametersWord‑p. 79  UDH Source IndicatorWord‑p. 80  (U)SIM Toolkit Security Headers  Concatenated short messages, 16-bit reference number  Wireless Control Message ProtocolWord‑p. 81  Enhanced Messaging ServiceWord‑p. 82  IETF RFC 5322 E-Mail Header  Hyperlink format element |R5|Word‑p. 100  Enhanced Voice Mail Information |R6|Word‑p. 101  Identification of a directory number within the User Data Field |R6|Word‑p. 106  National Language Single Shift |R8|  National Language Locking Shift |R8|Word‑p. 107  TP Reject Duplicates (TP RD)  TP Status Report Qualifier (TP SRQ)  TP Parameter Indicator (TP PI)  TP Loop-Prevention (TP LP) |R9|Word‑p. 108

9.3  Service provided by the SM RLWord‑p. 109

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