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H  Interworking between Network Operators and Application Providers for localized services |R18|p. 129

This clause illustrates examples of scenarios applicable for interworking between hosting network operators (PLMN or NPN) and data applications based on service agreements for localized services among network operators and application/service providers:
  • Hosting network operator owns the 5G network which provides access and IP connectivity to serving UEs.
  • Network operator owned application layer entities, e.g., including Service Hosting Environment, or IMS network.
  • Application platforms in third party domain can be owned by third party application/service providers, or home/other network operators.
  • The Application platforms could be application servers (e.g., Video on Demand Server, Cloud gaming server, etc.), 3rd party software development platforms, and third party/operator Service Hosting Environments.
The following Figures show the collaborative relationship in three domains including network operators providing access and IP connectivity, network operators providing services via IMS/application platforms, and application/service providers providing services via application platforms or applications. The dashed line between visited hosting network operator and Home network operator is based on service level localized service agreement and the horizontal line represents the demarcation between the network operator domains and the 3rd party domain. In an operator network, the application layer entities can include IMS network, Application platforms, and API Gateway for third party applications developed using APIs (e.g., REST, GSMA OneAPI).
Figure H-1 provides the home operator owned/collaborative interworking scenarios where traffic is routed to home network operator and applications are delivered by the home operator via interworking agreements between network operators.
Copy of original 3GPP image for 3GPP TS 22.261, Fig. H-1: Home Operator owned/collaborative interworking scenario Home Routed
Figure H-2 provides hosting network operator owned and collaborative interworking scenarios between visited hosting network operator and operators in 3rd party domains where traffic is routed to application from the hosting network to 1) hosting network owned application platforms, 2) collaborative home network owned application platforms, and 3) third parties via interworking agreements between visited hosting network operator and home/other network operators, and between hosting network operator and other application/service providers.
Copy of original 3GPP image for 3GPP TS 22.261, Fig. H-2:Hosting Network Operator owned/collaborative interworking scenario Local Breakout
Other interworking scenarios are not excluded.

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