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10.2  Group management (on-network)
10.2.1  General
10.2.2  Information flows for group managementWord-p. 92  Group creation requestUp  Group creation response  Group regroup request (group management client - group management server)  Group regroup response (group management server - group management client)Word-p. 93  Group regroup teardown request  Group regroup teardown response  Group creation notify  Group regroup notifyWord-p. 94  Group regroup teardown notify  Group regroup teardown notification  Group regroup teardown notification responseUp  Group regroup request (group management server - group management server)  Group regroup response (group management server - group management server)Word-p. 95  Group regroup notification  Group regroup notification response  Group information query request  Group information query responseWord-p. 96  Group membership update request  Group membership update response  Group membership notification  Group deletion requestWord-p. 97  Group deletion response  Group deletion notification  Group information provision request [R15]  Group information provision response [R15]Word-p. 98  Group information request [R15]  Group information response [R15]  Group information subscribe request [R15]  Group information subscribe response [R15]Word-p. 99  Group information notify request [R15]  Group information notify response [R15]Up
10.2.3  Group creation
10.2.4  Group regroupingWord-p. 101
10.2.5  Membership and affiliation list queryWord-p. 107
10.2.6  Group membershipUp
10.2.7  Group configuration for interconnectionWord-p. 109
10.2.8  Group deletion [R15]Word-p. 114

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