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A  EF changes via Data Download or USAT applicationsp. 344

This Annex defines if changing the content of an EF by the network (e.g. by sending an SMS), or by a USAT Application, is advisable. Updating of certain EFs "over the air" such as EFACC could result in unpredictable behaviour of the UE; these are marked "Caution" in the table below. Certain EFs are marked "No"; under no circumstances should "over the air" changes of these EFs be considered.
File identification Description Change advised
'2F00'Application directoryCaution
'2F05'Preferred languagesYes
'2F06'Access rule referenceCaution
'2F08'UICC Maximum Power ConsumptionNo
'2FE2'ICC identificationNo
'4F01'ProSe Monitoring ParametersYes
'4F01'ACDC ListYes
'4F01'MCS Service TableYes
'4F01'V2X Service TableYes
'4F01'5GS 3GPP location informationCaution (Note 1)
'4F01'5G ProSe Service TableYes
'4F01'PWS configuration in SNPNYes
'4F01'5MBS UE pre-configurationYes
'4F01'A2X Service TableYes
'4F02'V2X configuration dataYes
'4F02'ProSe Announcing ParametersYes
'4F02'MCS configuration dataYes
'4F02'5GS non-3GPP location informationCaution (Note 1)
'4F02'5G ProSe configuration data for direct discoveryYes
'4F02'Network Identifier for SNPNCaution
'4F02'A2X configuration dataYes
'4F03'HPLMN ProSe FunctionYes
'4F03'5GS 3GPP Access NAS Security ContextCaution
'4F03'V2X data policy over PC5Yes
'4F03'5G ProSe configuration data for direct communicationYes
'4F03'A2X policy data over PC5Yes
'4F04'ProSe Direct Communication Radio ParametersYes
'4F04'5GS non-3GPP Access NAS Security ContextCaution
'4F04'V2X data policy over UuYes
'4F04'5G ProSe configuration data for UE-to-network relay UEYes
'4F04'A2X Direct Detect And Avoid policy data over PC5Yes
'4F05'ProSe Direct Discovery Monitoring Radio ParametersYes
'4F05'5G authentication keysNo
'4F05'5G ProSe configuration data for remote UEYes
'4F05'A2X Direct C2 communication policy data over PC5Yes
'4F06'ProSe Direct Discovery Announcing Radio ParametersYes
'4F06'UAC Access Identities ConfigurationCaution
'4F06'5G ProSe configuration data for usage reporting informationYes
'4F06'A2X policy data over UuYes
'4F07'ProSe Policy ParametersYes
'4F07'Subscriber Concealed Identifier Calculation InformationYes
'4F07'5G ProSe configuration data for UE-to-UE relay UEYes
'4F08'5G ProSe configuration data for end UEYes
'4F09'SUPI as Network Access IdentifierCaution
'4F09'ProSe Group CounterNo
'4F0A'Routing IndicatorYes (Note 5)
'4F0B'UE Route Selection PoliciesYes
'4F0C'Trusted non-3GPP Serving network name listYes
'4F0D'Pre-configured CAG information listCaution
'4F0E'Steering of roaming connected mode control informationYes
'4F0F'Disaster roaming informationYes
'4F10'ProSe Service TableCaution
'4F10'5GS eDRX ParametersYes
'4F11'ProSe UsageInformationReportingConfigurationCaution (Note 4)
'4F11'5G Non-Seamless WLAN Offload configurationYes
'4F12'ProSe Group Member Discovery ParametersYes
'4F13'ProSe Relay ParametersYes
'4F14'ProSe Relay Discovery ParametersYes
'4F15'Multiplier coefficient for Higher Priority PLMN search period via NG-RAN satellite accessYes
'4F16'KAUSF derivation configurationCaution
'4F20'Image dataYes
'4F20'GSM Ciphering key KcNo
'4FXX'Image Instance data Files Yes
'4FXX'ACDC OS ConfigurationYes
'4FXX'5MBS User Service DescriptionYes
'4F21'ICE graphics Yes
'4FXX'Unique identifierYes
'4F22'Phone book synchronisation counterYes
'4F23'Change counterYes
'4F24'Previous unique identifierYes
'4F30'Phone book reference fileYes
'4FXX'Capability configuration parameters 1Yes
'4F30'SoLSA Access IndicatorCaution
'4F31'SoLSA LSA ListCaution
'4FXX'LSA Descriptor filesCaution
'4F52'GPRS Ciphring key KcGPRSNo
'4F63'CPBCCH InformationNo
'4F64'Investigation ScanCaution
'4FXX'Additional number alpha stringYes
'4FXX'Additional numberYes
'4FXX'Second name entryYes
'4FXX'Grouping information alpha stringYes
'4FXX'Phone book controlYes
'4FXX'E-mail addressesYes
'4FXX'Index administration phone bookYes
'4FXX'Extension 1Yes
'4FXX'Abbreviated dialling numbersYes
'4FXX'Grouping fileYes
'4FXX'TV User Service DescriptionYes
'4F42'User controlled PLMN selector for I-WLANNo
'4F43'Operator controlled PLMN selector for I-WLANCaution
'4F44'User controlled WSID ListNo
'4F45'Operator controlled WSID ListCaution
'4F46'WLAN Reauthentication IdentityNo
'4F47'Home I-WLAN Specific Identifier ListYes
'4F47'Multimedia Messages ListYes
'4F48'I-WLAN Equivalent HPLMN Presentation IndicationYes
'4F48'Multimedia Messages Data FileYes
'4F49'I-WLAN HPLMN Priority IndicationYes
'4F4A'I-WLAN Last Registered PLMNCaution
'4F4B'HPLMN Direct Access IndicatorYes
'4F81'Allowed CSG listsYes
'4F82'CSG TypeYes
'4F83'HNB nameYes
'4F84'Operator CSG listsYes
'4F85'Operator CSG TypeYes
'4F86'Operator HNB nameYes
'6F01'enhanced AKA supportCaution
'6F02'Operator controlled signal threshold per access technologyCaution
'6F03'Access Control to GBA_U_APIYes
'6F04'IMS DC Establishment IndicationYes
'6F05'Language indicationYes
'6F06'Access rule reference (under ADFUSIM and DFTELECOM)Caution
'6F07'IMSICaution (Note 1)
'6F08'Ciphering and integrity keysNo
'6F09'Ciphering and integrity keys for packet switched domainNo
'6F2C'De-personalization Control KeysCaution
'6F31'Higher Priority PLMN search periodCaution
'6F32'Co-operative network listCaution
'6F37'ACM maximum valueYes
'6F38'USIM service tableCaution
'6F39'Accumulated call meterYes
'6F3B'Fixed dialling numbersYes (Note 2)
'6F3C'Short messagesYes
'6F3E'Group identifier level 1Yes
'6F3F'Group identifier level 2Yes
'6F40'MSISDN storageYes
'6F42'SMS parametersYes
'6F43'SMS statusYes
'6F46'Service provider nameYes
'6F47'Short message status reportsYes
'6F49'Service Dialling NumbersYes (Note 2)
'6F4B'Extension 2Yes
'6F4C'Extension 3Yes
'6F4D'Barred dialling numbersYes
'6F4E'Extension 5Yes
'6F4F'Capability configuration parameters 2Yes
'6F54'SetUp Menu ElementsYes
'6F55'Extension 4Yes
'6F56'Enabled services tableCaution
'6F57'Access point name control listYes
'6F58'Comparison method informationYes
'6F5B'Initialisation value for Hyperframe numberCaution
'6F5C'Maximum value of STARTYes
'6F60'User controlled PLMN selector with Access TechnologyNo
'6F61'Operator controlled PLMN selector with Access TechnologyCaution
'6F62'HPLMN selector with Access TechnologyCaution
'6F73'Packet switched location informationCaution (Note 1)
'6F78'Access control classCaution
'6F7B'Forbidden PLMNsCaution
'6F7E'Location informationNo (Note 1)
'6F80'Incoming call informationYes
'6F81'Outgoing call informationYes
'6F82'Incoming call timerYes
'6F83'Outgoing call timerYes
'6FAD'Administrative dataCaution
'6FB1'Voice Group Call ServiceYes
'6FB2'Voice Group Call Service StatusYes
'6FB3'Voice Broadcast ServiceYes
'6FB4'Voice Broadcast Service StatusYes
'6FB5'Enhanced Multi Level Pre-emption and PriorityYes
'6FB6'Automatic Answer for eMLPP ServiceYes
'6FB7'Emergency Call CodesCaution
'6FC3'Key for hidden phone book entriesNo
'6FC4'Network ParametersNo
'6FC5'PLMN Network NameYes
'6FC6'Operator Network ListYes
'6FC7'Mailbox Dialling NumbersYes
'6FC8'Extension 6Yes
'6FC9'Mailbox IdentifierCaution
'6FCA'Message Waiting Indication StatusCaution
'6FCB'Call Forwarding Indication StatusCaution
'6FCC'Extension 7Yes
'6FCD'Service Provider Display InformationYes
'6FCE'MMS Notification Yes
'6FCF'Extension 8Yes
'6FD0'MMS Issuer Connectivity Parameters Yes
'6FD1'MMS User PreferencesYes
'6FD2'MMS User Connectivity ParametersYes
'6FD3'Network's indication of alerting (EFNIA)Caution
'6FD4'Voice Group Call Service Ciphering AlgorithmYes
'6FD5'Voice Broadcast Service Ciphering AlgorithmYes
'6FD6'GBA Bootstrapping parametersCaution
'6FD7'MBMS Service Keys ListCaution
'6FD8'MBMS User KeyCaution
'6FDA'GBA NAF ListCaution
'6FDB'EHPLMN Presentation IndicationCaution
'6FDC'Last RPLMN Selection IndicationCaution
'6FDD'NAF Key Centre AddressCaution
'6FDE'Service Provider Name IconYes
'6FDF'PLMN Network Name IconYes
'6FE0'In Case of Emergency - Dialling NumberYes
'6FE1'In Case of Emergency - Free FormatYes
'6FE2'Network Connectivity Parameters for UICC IP connectionsYes
'6FE3'EPS location informationCaution (Note 1)
'6FE4'EPS NAS Security ContextCaution
'6FE5'Public Service Identity of the SM-SCYes
'6FE6'USAT Facility ControlCaution
'6FE7'UICC IARICaution (Note 3)
'6FE8'Non Access Stratum Configuration Yes
'6FE9'UICC certificateYes
'6FEA'Relay Node IDYes
'6FEB'Max value of Secure Channel counterCaution
'6FEC'Public Warning SystemYes
'6FED'FDN URIYes (Note 2)
'6FEF'SDN URIYes (Note 2)
'6FF0'IMEI(SV) Allowed ListYes
'6FF1'IMEI(SV) Pairing StatusCaution
'6FF2'IMEI(SV) Pairing DevicesCaution
'6FF3'Home ePDG IdentifierYes
'6FF4'ePDG Selection InformationYes
'6FF5'Emergency ePDG IdentifierYes
'6FF6'ePDG Selection Information for Emergency ServicesYes
'6FF7'From PreferredYes
'6FFB'TV ConfigurationYes
'6FFC'XCAP Configuration DataYes
'6FFE'MuD and MiD configuration dataYes
If EFIMSI is changed, the UICC should issue REFRESH as defined in TS 31.111 and update EFLOCI, EFPSLOCI, EFEPSLOCI, EF5GS3GPPLOCI and EF5GSN3GPPLOCI accordingly.
This file may contain eCALL related test and reconfiguration numbers or URIs.
If EFUICCIARI is changed, the UICC shall issue a REFRESH command as defined in TS 31.111. The ME shall read the updated list of IARIs associated with active applications installed on the UICC.
Updating EFPROSE_UIRC Over-The-Air, especially adding more parameters to the report, may cause a reduction of number of reports to be able to be stored in the UE.
If EFRouting_Indicator is changed, the UICC shall issue File Change Notification REFRESH, as defined in TS 31.111.

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