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TS 31.111CT6
USAT – USIM Application Toolkit

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Kruse, Heiko

This TS defines the interface between the UICC and the Mobile Equipment (ME), and mandatory ME procedures, specifically for "USIM Application Toolkit". It refers in its majority to the ETSI (SCP) TS 102 223, which describes the generic aspects of application toolkits within the UICC.
USAT is a set of commands and procedures for use during the network operation phase of 3G/LTE, in addition to those defined in TS 31.101.
This TS defines for 3G/LTE technology:
  • the commands;
  • the application protocol;
  • the mandatory requirements on the UICC and ME for each procedure.

short Table of Contents for  TS 31.111  Word version:   15.8.0

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1  ScopeWord-p. 13
2  ReferencesWord-p. 13
3  Definitions, abbreviations and symbolsWord-p. 16
4  Overview of USATWord-p. 17
5  Profile downloadWord-p. 19
6  Proactive UICCWord-p. 25
7  ENVELOPE CommandsWord-p. 54
8  COMPREHENSION-TLV data objectsWord-p. 82
9  Tag valuesWord-p. 119
10  Allowed Type of command and Device identity combinationsUpWord-p. 121
11  Security requirementsWord-p. 121
A (Normative)  Support of USAT by Mobile EquipmentWord-p. 122
B  Example of DISPLAY TEXT Proactive UICC CommandWord-p. 124
C (Normative)  Structure of USAT communicationsWord-p. 125
D  ME display in proactive UICC sessionWord-p. 126
E  Help information feature processingWord-p. 127
F  Monitoring of eventsWord-p. 128
G (Normative)  Support of Multiple Card OperationWord-p. 129
H  Multiple Card proactive command examplesWord-p. 130
I  Bearer independent protocol proactive command examplesWord-p. 131
J  WAP ReferencesWord-p. 132
K  Use of USAT Bearer independent protocol for local links Bluetooth caseWord-p. 133
L  Bluetooth Service Discovery protocolWord-p. 134
M  Use of USAT Bearer independent protocol for local links, server caseWord-p. 135
N  USSD information flow between the Network, the ME and the UICC [R6]Word-p. 136
O  Geographical location information discovery information flow between the ME and the UICC [R8]Word-p. 140
P (Normative)  Support of USAT by Terminals with reduced feature capabilities. [R8]Word-p. 142
Q (Normative)  Default routing for USAT over AT interface [R10]Word-p. 143
R  UICC access to IMS, command flow examples [R10]Word-p. 145
S (Normative)  3GPP PS data off and Bearer Independent Protocol [R14]Word-p. 147
T  ata Connection Status change event, command flow examples [R14]Word-p. 148
U  Change HistoryWord-p. 153

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