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E  Suggested contents of the EFs at pre-personalizationp. 362

If EFs have an unassigned value, it may not be clear from the main text what this value should be. This Annex suggests values in these cases.
File Identification Description Value
'2F00'Application directoryCard issuer/operator dependent
'2F05'Preferred languages'FF…FF'
'2F06'Access rule referenceCard issuer/operator dependent
'2F08'UICC Maximum Power ConsumptionCard issuer/operator dependent
'2FE2'ICC identificationoperator dependent
'4F01'ProSe Monitoring ParametersOperator dependent
'4F01'ACDC ListOperator dependent
'4F01'MCS Service Table'0000'
'4F01'V2X Service TableOperator dependent
'4F01'5GS 3GPP location information'FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF xxxxxx 000000 01' (see NOTE 2)
'4F01'5G ProSe Service TableOperator dependent
'4F01'PWS configuration in SNPNOperator dependent
'4F01'5MBS UE pre-configurationOperator dependent
'4F01'A2X Service TableOperator dependent
'4F02'V2X configuration dataOperator dependent
'4F02'ProSe Announcing ParametersOperator dependent
'4F02'MCS configuration dataOperator dependent
'4F02'5GS non-3GPP location information'FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF xxxxxx 000000 01' (see NOTE 2)
'4F02'5G ProSe configuration data for direct discoveryOperator dependent
'4F02'Network Identifier for SNPNOperator dependent
'4F02'A2X configuration dataOperator dependent
'4F03'HPLMN ProSe FunctionOperator dependent
'4F03'5GS 3GPP Access NAS Security Context'FF…FF'
'4F03'V2X data policy over PC5Operator dependent
'4F03'5G ProSe configuration data for direct communicationOperator dependent
'4F03'A2X policy data over PC5Operator dependent
'4F04'ProSe Direct Communication Radio ParametersOperator dependent
'4F04'5GS non-3GPP Access NAS Security Context'FF…FF'
'4F04'V2X data policy over UuOperator dependent
'4F04'5G ProSe configuration data for UE-to-network relay UEOperator dependent
'4F04'A2X Direct Detect And Avoid policy data over PC5Operator dependent
'4F05'ProSe Direct Discovery Monitoring Radio ParametersOperator dependent
'4F05'5G authentication keys'FF…FF'
'4F05'5G ProSe configuration data for remote UEOperator dependent
'4F05'A2X Direct C2 communication policy data over PC5Operator dependent
'4F06'ProSe Direct Discovery Announcing Radio ParametersOperator dependent
'4F06'UAC Access Identities ConfigurationOperator dependent
'4F06'5G ProSe configuration data for usage reporting informationOperator dependent
'4F06'A2X policy data over UuOperator dependent
'4F07'ProSe Policy ParametersOperator dependent
'4F07'Subscriber Concealed Identifier Calculation InformationOperator dependent
'4F07'5G ProSe configuration data for UE-to-UE relay UEOperator dependent
'4F08'5GS Operator PLMN ListOperator dependent
'4F08'ProSe PLMN ParametersOperator dependent
'4F08'5G ProSe configuration data for end UEOperator dependent
'4F09'SUPI as Network Access IdentifierOperator dependent
'4F09'ProSe Group Counter'FF…FF'
'4F0A'Routing Indicator'F0FF0000'
'4F0B'UE Route Selection PoliciesOperator dependent
'4F0C'Trusted non-3GPP Serving network name listOperator dependent
'4F0D'Pre-configured CAG information listOperator dependent
'4F0E'Steering of roaming connected mode control informationOperator dependent
'4F0F'Disaster roaming informationOperator dependent
'4F10'ProSe Service TableOperator dependent
'4F10'5GS eDRX ParametersOperator dependent
'4F11'ProSe UsageInformationReportingConfigurationOperator dependent
'4F11'5G Non-Seamless WLAN Offload configurationOperator dependent
'4F12'ProSe Group Member Discovery ParametersOperator dependent
'4F13'ProSe Relay ParametersOperator dependent
'4F14'ProSe Relay Discovery ParametersOperator dependent
'4F15'Multiplier coefficient for Higher Priority PLMN search via NG-RAN satellite accessOperator dependent
'4F16'KAUSF derivation configurationOperator dependent
'4F20'Image data '00FF...FF'
'4F20'GSM Ciphering key Kc'FF...FF07'
'4FXX'Image instance data files'FF…FF'
'4FXX'ACDC OS ConfigurationOperator dependent
'4FXX'TV User Service DescriptionOperator dependent
'4F21'ICE graphics'FF…FF'
'4FXX'Unique identifier'0000'
'4F22'Phone book synchronisation counter'00000000'
'4F23'Change counter'0000'
'4F24'Previous unique identifier'0000'
'4F30'Phone book reference fileOperator dependent
'4F30'SoLSA Access Indicator'00FF...FF'
'4F31'SoLSA LSA List'FF...FF'
'4FXX'LSA Descriptor files'FF…FF'
'4FXX'Capability configuration parameters 1'FF…FF'
'4F52'GPRS Ciphring key KcGPRS'FF...FF07'
'4F63'CPBCCH Information'FF..FF'
'4F64'Investigation PLMN scan'00'
'4FXX'E-mail addresses 'FF…FF'
'4FXX'Additional number alpha string'FF…FF'
'4FXX'Second name entry'FF…FF'
'4FXX'Abbreviated dialling numbers'FF...FF'
'4FXX'Grouping file'00…00'
'4FXX'Grouping information alpha string'FF…FF'
'4FXX'Phone book control'0000'
'4FXX'Index administration phone book'FF…FF'
'4FXX'Additional number'FF…FF'
'4FXX'Extension 1'00FF...FF'
'4FXX'5MBS User Service DescriptionOperator dependent
'4F42'User Controlled PLMN selector for I-WLAN'FF…FF'
'4F43'Operator Controlled PLMN selector for I-WLANOperator dependent
'4F44'User Controlled WSID list'00FF…FF'
'4F45'Operator controlled WSID listOperator dependent
'4F46'WLAN Reauthentication Identity'FF…FF'
'4F47'Home I-WLAN Specific Identifier ListOperator dependent
'4F47'Multimedia Messages List'FF…FF'
'4F48'I-WLAN Equivalent HPLMN Presentation IndicationOperator dependent
'4F48'Multimedia Messages Data File'FF…FF'
'4F49'I-WLAN HPLMN IndicationOperator dependent
'4F4A'I-WLAN Last Registered PLMN'FFFFFF'
'4F4B'HPLMN Direct Access IndicatorOperator dependent
'4F81'Allowed CSG listsOperator dependent
'4F82'CSG TypeOperator dependent
'4F83'HNB nameOperator dependent
'4F84'Operator CSG listsOperator dependent
'4F85'Operator CSG TypeOperator dependent
'4F86'Operator HNB nameOperator dependent
'6F01'enhanced AKA supportOperator dependent
'6F02'Operator controlled signal threshold per access technology'00FF…FF'
'6F03'Access Control to GBA_U_API'00FF…FF'
'6F05'Language indication'FF…FF'
'6F06'Access rule reference (under ADFUSIM and DFTELECOM)Card issuer/operator dependent
'6F07'IMSIOperator dependent
'6F08'Ciphering and integrity keys'07FF…FF'
'6F09'Ciphering and integrity keys for packet switched domain'07FF…FF'
'6F2C'De-personalization control keys'FF…FF'
'6F31'Higher Priority PLMN search period'FF'
'6F32'Co-operative network list'FF…FF'
'6F37'ACM maximum value'000000' (see note 1)
'6F38'USIM service tableOperator dependent
'6F39'Accumulated call meter'000000'
'6F3B'Fixed dialling numbers'FF...FF'
'6F3C'Short messages'00FF...FF'
'6F3E'Group identifier level 1Operator dependent
'6F3F'Group identifier level 2Operator dependent
'6F40'MSISDN storage'FF...FF'
'6F42'SMS parameters'FF...FF'
'6F43'SMS status'FF...FF'
'6F46'Service provider nameOperator dependent
'6F47'Short message status reports'00FF…FF'
'6F49'Service Dialling Numbers'FF...FF'
'6F4B'Extension 2'00FF...FF'
'6F4C'Extension 3'00FF...FF'
'6F4D'Barred Dialling Numbers'FF...FF'
'6F4E'Extension 5'00FF...FF'
'6F4F'Capability configuration parameters 2'FF...FF'
'6F54'SetUp Menu ElementsOperator dependent
'6F55'Extension 4'00FF...FF'
'6F56'Enabled services tableOperator dependent
'6F57'Access point name control list'00FF…FF'
'6F58'Comparison method information'FF…FF'
'6F5B'Initialisation value for Hyperframe number'F0 00 00 F0 00 00'
'6F5C'Maximum value of STARTOperator dependent
'6F60'User controlled PLMN selector with Access Technology'FFFFFF0000..FFFFFF0000'
'6F61'Operator controlled PLMN selector with Access Technology'FFFFFF0000..FFFFFF0000'
'6F62'HPLMN selector with Access Technology'FFFFFF0000..FFFFFF0000'
'6F73'Packet switched location information'FFFFFFFF FFFFFF xxxxxx 0000 FF 01' (see note 2)
'6F78'Access control classOperator dependent
'6F7B'Forbidden PLMNs'FF...FF'
'6F7ELocation information'FFFFFFFF xxxxxx 0000 FF 01' (see note 2)
'6F80'Incoming call information'FF…FF 000000 00 01FFFF'
'6F81'Outgoing call information'FF…FF 000000 01FFFF'
'6F82'Incoming call timer'000000'
'6F83'Outgoing call timer'000000'
'6FAD'Administrative dataOperator dependent
'6FB1'Voice Group Call ServiceOperator dependent
'6FB2'Voice Group Call Service StatusOperator dependent
'6FB3'Voice Broadcast ServiceOperator dependent
'6FB4'Voice Broadcast Service StatusOperator dependent
'6FB5'EMLPPOperator dependent
'6FB7'Emergency call codesOperator dependent
'6FC3'Key for hidden phone book entries'FF…FF'
'6FC4'Network Parameters'FF…FF'
'6FC5'PLMN Network NameOperator dependent
'6FC6'Operator Network ListOperator dependent
'6FC7'Mailbox Dialling NumbersOperator dependent
'6FC8'Extension 6'00 FF...FF'
'6FC9'Mailbox IdentifierOperator dependent
'6FCA'Message Waiting Indication Status'00 00 00 00 00'
'6FCB'Call Forwarding Indication Status'xx 00 FF...FF'
'6FCC'Extension 7'00 FF...FF'
'6FCD'Service Provider Display Information
'6FCE'MMS Notification'00 00 00 FF…FF'
'6FCF'Extension 8'00FF...FF'
'6FD0'MMS Issuer Connectivity Parameters'FF…FF'
'6FD1'MMS User Preferences'FF…FF'
'6FD2'MMS User Connectivity Parameters'FF…FF'
'6FD3' Network's Indication of Alerting (EFNIA)'FF...FF'
'6FD4'Voice Group Call Service Ciphering Algorithm'00…00'
'6FD5'Voice Broadcast Service Ciphering Algorithm'00…00'
'6FD6'GBA Bootstrapping parameters'FF…FF'
'6FD7'MBMS Service Keys List'FF…FF'
'6FD8'MBMS User Key'FF…FF'
'6FD9'EHPLMN'FF…FF' or xxxxxx (see Note 2)
'6FDB'EHPLMN Presentation Indication'00'
'6FDC'Last RPLMN Selection Indication'00'
'6FDD'NAF Key Centre Address'FF…FF'
'6FDE'Service Provider Name Icon'00 FF…FF'
'6FDF'PLMN Network Name Icon'00 FF…FF'
'6FE0'In Case of Emergency - Dialling NumberOperator dependent
'6FE1'In Case of Emergency - Free FormatOperator dependent
'6FE2'Network Connectivity Parameters for UICC IP connectionsOperator dependent
'6FE3'EPS location information'FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF xxxxxx0000 01' (see note 2)
'6FE4'EPS NAS Security Context'FF…FF'
'6FE5'Public Service Identity of the SM-SCOperator dependent
'6FE6'USAT Facility Control'80 1E 60 C0 1E 90 00 80 04 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 F0 00 00 00 00 40 00 00 00 00 00 00 80'
'6FE7'UICC IARIOperator dependent
'6FE8'Non Access Stratum Configuration Operator dependent
'6FE9'UICC certificateCard Issuer / Operator dependent
'6FEA'Relay Node IDOperator dependent
'6FEB'Max value of Secure Channel counterFF..FF
'6FEC'Public Warning SystemOperator dependent
'6FF0'IMEI(SV) Allowed ListOperator dependent (at least 1 range of IMEI(SV) values)
'6FF1'IMEI(SV) Pairing Status'FF…FF'
'6FF2'IMEI(SV) Pairing Devices'FF…FF'
'6FF3'Home ePDG Identifier'FF…FF'
'6FF4'ePDG Selection Information'FF…FF'
'6FF5'Emergency ePDG Identifier'FF…FF'
'6FF6'ePDG Selection Information for Emergency Services'FF…FF'
'6FF7'From Preferred'00'
'6FF8'IMSConfigDataOperator dependent
'6FF9'3GPPPSDATAOFFOperator dependent
'6FFA'3GPPPSDATAOFFservicelistOperator dependent
'6FFB'TV ConfigurationOperator dependent
'6FFC'XCAP Configuration DataOperator dependent
'6FFD'EARFCN list for MTC/NB-IOT UEsOperator dependent
'6FFEMuD and MiD Configuration DataOperator dependent
The value '000000' means that ACMmax is not valid, i.e. there is no restriction on the ACM. When assigning a value to ACMmax, care should be taken not to use values too close to the maximum possible value 'FFFFFF', because the INCREASE command does not update EFACM if the units to be added would exceed 'FFFFFF'. This could affect the call termination procedure of the Advice of Charge function.
xxxxxx stands for any valid MCC and MNC, coded according to TS 24.008.

F  Examples of coding of LSA Descriptor files for SoLSAp. 368

The length of all the records is determined by the LSA descriptor containing the largest number of bytes. Combinations containing different numbers of LSA IDs, LAC+ CI and CI or LAC can therefore be done. Various examples are show. Due to the OTA management of the records it is recommended that the record length is maximum 100 bytes in order to leave room for command descriptor and signature information in the SMS.
This first example contains two LSAs, one described by two LSA IDs and another described by three Cell IDs, giving a record length of 8 bytes.
1st record: LSA descriptor type = LSA ID
and number = 2
(1 byte)
LSA ID (3 bytes) LSA ID (3 bytes) Identifier (1 byte)
2nd record: LSA descriptor type = CI
and number = 3
(1 byte)
CI (2 bytes) CI (2 bytes) CI (2 bytes) Identifier (1 byte)
The second example contains two LSAs, one described by one LSA ID and one described by two Cell Ids, giving a record length of 6 bytes.
1st record: LSA descriptor type = LSA ID
and number = 1
(1 byte)
LSA ID (3 bytes) 'FF' Identifier (1 byte)
2nd record: LSA descriptor type = CI
and number = 2
(1 byte)
CI (2 bytes) CI (2 bytes) Identifier (1 byte)

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