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6.1.6  Data Modelp. 130  Generalp. 130

This clause specifies the application data model supported by the API.
Table specifies the data types defined for the Nsmf service-based interface protocol.
Data type Clause defined Description
SmContextCreateData within Create SM Context Request
SmContextCreatedData within Create SM Context Response
SmContextUpdateData within Update SM Context Request
SmContextUpdatedData within Update SM Context Response
SmContextReleaseData within Release SM Context Request
SmContextRetrieveData within Retrieve SM Context Request
SmContextStatusNotification within Notify SM Context Status Request
PduSessionCreateData within Create Request
PduSessionCreatedData within Create Response
HsmfUpdateData within Update Request towards H-SMF, or from I-SMF to SMF
HsmfUpdatedData within Update Response from H-SMF to V-SMF, or from SMF to I-SMF
ReleaseData within Release Request
HsmfUpdateError within Update Response from H-SMF to V-SMF, or from SMF to I-SMF
VsmfUpdateData within Update Request towards V-SMF, or from SMF to I-SMF
VsmfUpdatedData within Update Response from V-SMF, or from I-SMF to SMF
StatusNotification within Notify Status Request
QosFlowItem QoS flow
QosFlowSetupItem QoS flow to setup
QosFlowAddModifyRequestItem QoS flow requested to be created or modified
QosFlowReleaseRequestItem QoS flow requested to be released
QosFlowProfile flow profile
GbrQosFlowInformation QoS flow information
QosFlowNotifyItem related to a QoS flow
SmContextRetrievedData within Retrieve SM Context Response
TunnelInfo Information
StatusInfo of SM context or of PDU session
VsmfUpdateError within Update Response from V-SMF, or from I-SMF to SMF
EpsPdnCnxInfo PDN Connection Information from H-SMF to V-SMF, or from SMF to I-SMF
EpsBearerInfo Bearer Information from H-SMF to V-SMF, or from SMF to I-SMF
PduSessionNotifyItem related to a PDU session
EbiArpMapping to ARP mapping
SmContextCreateError within Create SM Context Response
SmContextUpdateError within Update SM Context Response
PduSessionCreateError within Create Response
MmeCapabilities capabilities
SmContext SM Context
ExemptionInd Indication
PsaInformation Information
DnaiInformation Information
N4Information Information
IndirectDataForwardingTunnelInfo Data Forwarding Tunnel Information
SmContextReleasedData within Release SM Context Response
ReleasedData within Release Response
SendMoDataReqData within Send MO Data Request
CnAssistedRanPara derived CN assisted RAN parameters tuning
UlclBpInformation CL or BP Information
TransferMoDataReqData within Transfer MO Data Request
TransferMtDataReqData within Transfer MT Data Request
TransferMtDataError MT Data Error Response
TransferMtDataAddInfo MT Data Error Response Additional Information
VplmnQos QoS
DdnFailureSubs Failure Subscription
RetrieveData within Retrieve Request
RetrievedData within Retrieve Response
SecurityResult Result
UpSecurityInfo Plane Security Information
DdnFailureSubInfo Failure Subscription Information
AlternativeQosProfile QoS Profile
ProblemDetailsAddInfo Details Additional Information
ExtProblemDetails Problem Details
QosMonitoringInfo Monitoring Information
IpAddress Address
RedundantPduSessionInformation PDU Session Information
QosFlowTunnel Information per QoS Flow
TargetDnaiInfo DNAI Information
AfCoordinationInfo Coordination Information
NotificationInfo Correlation ID and Notification URI provided by the NF service consumer
AnchorSmfFeatures SMF supported features
HrsboInfoFromVplmn Information signaled from VPLMN
HrsboInfoFromHplmn Information signaled from HPLMN
EasInfoToRefresh information to be refreshed for EAS re-discovery
EcnMarkingCongestionInfoReq Marking or Congestion Information Request
EcnMarkingCongestionInfoStatus Marking or Congestion Information Status
TscAssistanceInformation Assistance Information
N6JitterInformation Jitter Information
TrafficInfluenceInfo influence information applicable at the VPLMN for an HR-SBO PDU session.
TrafficInfluenceData influence data comprising the Service Data Flow description and the Application Function influence on traffic routing Enforcement Control parameters of a PCC rule.
Teid Tunnel Endpoint Identifier
ProcedureTransactionId Transaction Identifier
EpsPdnCnxContainer EPS PDN Connection container from SMF to AMF
EpsBearerId Bearer Id
EpsBearerContainer Bearer container from SMF to AMF
EpsBearerContextStatus Bearer context status
DrbId Radio Bearer Identifier
DnsServerSecurityInformation server security information
UpCnxState Plane Connection State
HoState State
RequestType Type in Create (SM context) service operation.
RequestIndication Indication in Update (SM context) service operation.
NotificationCause for generating a notification
Cause information
ResourceStatus of SM context or PDU session resource
DnnSelectionMode Selection Mode
EpsInterworkingIndication Interworking Indication
N2SmInfoType SM Information Type
MaxIntegrityProtectedDataRate Integrity Protected Data Rate
MaReleaseIndication PDU session release Indication
SmContextType of SM Context information
PsaIndication of whether a PSA is inserted or removed
N4MessageType Message Type
QosFlowAccessType type associated with the QoS Flow
UnavailableAccessIndication the access type of a MA PDU session that is unavailable
ProtectionResult Protection Result of the security policy indicated as "preferred"
QosMonitoringReq to measure UL, or DL, or both UL/DL delays, or to stop on-going measurements.
Rsn Sequence Number
SmfSelectionType Selection Type
PduSessionContextType Session Context Type
PendingUpdateInfo Update Information
EstablishmentRejectionCause Session Establishment Rejection Cause
EcnMarkingReq Marking Request
CongestionInfoReq Information Request
ActivationStatus Status
Table specifies data types re-used by the Nsmf service based interface protocol from other specifications, including a reference to their respective specifications and when needed, a short description of their use within the Nsmf service based interface.
Data type Reference Comments
Uint32TS 29.571Unsigned 32-bit integers
Ipv4AddrTS 29.571IPv4 Address
Ipv6PrefixTS 29.571IPv6 Prefix
UriTS 29.571Uniform Resource Identifier
SupiTS 29.571Subscription Permanent Identifier
PeiTS 29.571Permanent Equipment Identifier
GpsiTS 29.571General Public Subscription Identifier
AccessTypeTS 29.571Access Type (3GPP or non-3GPP access)
SupportedFeaturesTS 29.571Supported features
QfiTS 29.571QoS Flow Identifier
PduSessionIdTS 29.571PDU Session Identifier
PduSessionTypeTS 29.571PDU Session Type
AmbrTS 29.571PDU Session Aggregate Maximum Bit Rate
5QiTS 29.5715G QoS Identifier
ArpTS 29.571Allocation and Retention Priority
ReflectiveQoSAttributeTS 29.571Reflective QoS Attribute
Dynamic5QiTS 29.571QoS characteristics for a 5QI that is neither standardized nor pre-configured.
NonDynamic5QiTS 29.571QoS characteristics that replace the default QoS characteristics for a standardized or pre-configured 5QI.
PacketLossRateTS 29.571Packet Loss Rate
NotificationControlTS 29.571Notification Control
DnnTS 29.571Data Network Name
SnssaiTS 29.571Single Network Slice Selection Assistance Information
NfInstanceIdTS 29.571NF Instance Identifier
UserLocationTS 29.571User Location
TimeZoneTS 29.571Time Zone
ProblemDetailsTS 29.571Error description
UpSecurityTS 29.571User Plane Security Policy Enforcement information
RefToBinaryDataTS 29.571Cross-Reference to binary data encoded within a binary body part in an HTTP multipart message.
GuamiTS 29.571Globally Unique AMF ID
BackupAmfInfoTS 29.571Backup AMF Information
PresenceStateTS 29.571Indicates the UE presence in or out of a LADN service area
TraceDataTS 29.571Trace control and configuration parameters
PlmnIdTS 29.571PLMN Identity
RatTypeTS 29.571RAT Type
NgApCauseTS 29.571NGAP Cause
5GMmCauseTS 29.5715G MM Cause
DurationSecTS 29.571Duration in units of seconds
AdditionalQosFlowInfoTS 29.571Additional QoS Flow Information
NfGroupIdTS 29.571Network Function Group Id
SecondaryRatUsageReportTS 29.571Secondary RAT Usage Report
SecondaryRatUsageInfoTS 29.571Secondary RAT Usage Information
DnaiTS 29.571Data Network Access Identifier
PlmnIdNidTS 29.571PLMN Identity and, for SNPN, Network Identity
SmallDataRateStatusTS 29.571Small Data Rate Control Status
ApnRateStatusTS 29.571APN Rate Control Status
StationaryIndicationTS 29.571Stationary Indication
ScheduledCommunicationTimeTS 29.571Scheduled Communication Time
ScheduledCommunicationTypeTS 29.571Scheduled Communication Type
TrafficProfileTS 29.571Traffic Profile
BatteryIndicationTS 29.571Battery Indication
NfSetIdTS 29.571NF Set Identifier
MoExpDataCounterTS 29.571MO Exception Data Counter
DddTrafficDescriptorTS 29.571Traffic Descriptor
NfServiceSetIdTS 29.571NF Service Set ID
RedirectResponseTS 29.571Response body of the redirect response message
ServerAddressingInfoTS 29.571Information of a Provisioning Server
PcfUeCallbackInfoTS 29.571The callback information of the PCF for the UE to allow the PCF for the PDU session to send SM Policy Association Establishment and Termination events notification
SatelliteBackhaulCategoryTS 29.571Satellite backhaul category
Uint16TS 29.571Unsigned 16-bit integer
GeoSatelliteIdTS 29.571GEO satellite ID (string)
UintegerTS 29.571Unsigned Integer common data type
VplmnOffloadingInfoTS 29.571VPLMN Specific Offloading Information
GroupIdTS 29.571Internal Group Id
OffloadIdentifierTS 29.571Offload identifier uniquely identifying a VPLMN offloading policy information instance from the HPLMN.
Ipv4AddressRangeTS 29.571IPv4 address range
Ipv6AddressRangeTS 29.571IPv6 address range
FqdnTS 29.571FQDN
PduSetQosParaTS 29.571PDU Set QoS Parameters
SmfChargingIdTS 29.571SMF Charging Identifier
Int32TS 29.571Signed 32-bit integer
EcsAddrConfigInfoTS 29.503ECS Address Configuration Information
ServiceNameTS 29.510Service Name
WAgfInfoTS 29.510Information about N3 terminations at the W-AGF
TngfInfoTS 29.510Information about N3 terminations at the TNGF
TwifInfoTS 29.510Information about N3 terminations at the TWIF
ChargingInformationTS 29.512CHF addresses
TrafficControlDataTS 29.512Contains parameters influencing the routing of traffic for service data flows.
NgRanTargetIdTS 29.518NG-RAN Target Id
SbiBindingLevelTS 29.518SBI Binding Level
IpIndexTS 29.519Information that identifies which IP pool or external server is used to allocate the IP address.
RoamingChargingProfileTS 32.291Roaming Charging Profile

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