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TS 29.502 (CT4)
5GS — Session Management Services

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Symbolic representation of 5GS Nsmf services

Rapporteur:  Mr. Landais, Bruno
See also:
TS 29.508  for the Nsmf_EventExposure Service

The present document specifies the stage 3 protocol and data model for the Nsmf Service Based Interface. It provides stage 3 protocol definitions and message flows, and specifies the API for the following service:
  • Nsmf_PDUSession

full Table of Contents for  TS 29.502  Word version:   16.1.0


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1  ScopeWord-p. 9
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 10
4  OverviewWord-p. 11
5  Services offered by the SMF
5.1  Introduction
5.2  Nsmf_PDUSession ServiceWord-p. 12
5.2.1  Service DescriptionUp
5.2.2  Service OperationsWord-p. 13  Introduction  Create SM Context service operation  Update SM Context service operationWord-p. 21  General  Activation and Deactivation of the User Plane connection of a PDU sessionWord-p. 22  Xn Handover  N2 HandoverWord-p. 27  Handover between 3GPP and untrusted non-3GPP access procedures  Inter-AMF change or mobilityWord-p. 31  RAN Initiated QoS Flow MobilityWord-p. 32  EPS to 5GS Handover using N26 interface  5GS to EPS Handover using N26 interface  P-CSCF Restoration Procedure via AMFWord-p. 34  AMF requested PDU Session Release due to duplicated PDU Session Id  AMF requested PDU Session Release due to slice not availableWord-p. 35  Indirect Data Forwarding Tunnel establishment during N2 based Handover with I-SMF [R16]  Request to forward buffered downlink data packets at I-UPF [R16]Word-p. 36  Release SM Context service operationUp  Notify SM Context Status service operationWord-p. 37  Retrieve SM Context service operationWord-p. 39  Create service operationWord-p. 40  Update service operationUp  Release service operation  Notify Status service operationWord-p. 52
5.2.3  General proceduresWord-p. 53
6  API Definitions
6.1  Nsmf_PDUSession Service API
6.1.1  API URI
6.1.2  Usage of HTTPWord-p. 56
6.1.3  Resources  OverviewUp  Resource: SM contexts collectionWord-p. 59  Resource: Individual SM contextWord-p. 62  Resource: PDU sessions collection (H-SMF or SMF)  Resource: Individual PDU session (H-SMF or SMF)  Resource: Individual PDU session (V-SMF or I-SMF)Word-p. 69
6.1.4  Custom Operations without associated resourcesWord-p. 71
6.1.5  Notifications
6.1.6  Data Model  General  Structured data typesWord-p. 77  IntroductionUp  Type: SmContextCreateDataWord-p. 78  Type: SMContextCreatedDataWord-p. 84  Type: SMContextUpdateDataWord-p. 86  Type: SMContextUpdatedDataWord-p. 91  Type: SMContextReleaseDataWord-p. 92  Type: SMContextRetrieveDataWord-p. 94  Type: SMContextStatusNotification  Type: PduSessionCreateDataWord-p. 95  Type: PduSessionCreatedDataWord-p. 101  Type: HsmfUpdateDataWord-p. 105  Type: HsmfUpdatedDataWord-p. 110  Type: ReleaseDataWord-p. 111  Type: HsmfUpdateErrorWord-p. 112  Type: VsmfUpdateDataWord-p. 113  Type: VsmfUpdatedDataWord-p. 116  Type: StatusNotificationWord-p. 117  Type: QosFlowItem  Type: QosFlowSetupItem  Type: QosFlowAddModifyRequestItemWord-p. 118  Type: QosFlowReleaseRequestItemUp  Type: QosFlowProfileWord-p. 119  Type: GbrQosFlowInformation  Type: QosFlowNotifyItemWord-p. 120  Type: SMContextRetrievedData  Type: TunnelInfo  Type: StatusInfoWord-p. 121  Type: VsmfUpdateError  Type: EpsPdnCnxInfoWord-p. 122  Type: EpsBearerInfo  Type: PduSessionNotifyItemUp  Type: EbiArpMapping  Type: SmContextCreateError  Type: SMContextUpdateErrorWord-p. 123  Type: PduSessionCreateErrorWord-p. 124  Type: MmeCapabilities  Type: SmContext [R16]Word-p. 125  Type: ExemptionInd [R16]Word-p. 128  Type: PsaInformation [R16]Word-p. 129  Type: DnaiInformation [R16]  Type: N4Information [R16]Up  Simple data types and enumerations  Binary dataWord-p. 135
6.1.7  Error Handling
6.1.8  Feature NegotiationWord-p. 141
6.1.9  SecurityWord-p. 142
A (Normative)  OpenAPI specificationWord-p. 143
B  HTTP Multipart MessagesWord-p. 182
C  Change historyWord-p. 183

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