Content for  TS 29.502  Word version:  18.6.0

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6  API Definitionsp. 97

6.1  Nsmf_PDUSession Service APIp. 97

6.1.1  API URIp. 97

The Nsmf_PDUSession service shall use the Nsmf_PDUSession API.
The API URI of the Nsmf_PDUSession API shall be:
The request URIs used in HTTP requests from the NF service consumer towards the NF service producer shall have the Resource URI structure defined in clause 4.4.1 of TS 29.501, i.e.:
with the following components:
  • The {apiRoot} shall be set as described in TS 29.501.
  • The <apiName> shall be "nsmf-pdusession".
  • The <apiVersion> shall be "v1".
  • The <apiSpecificResourceUriPart> shall be set as described in clause 6.1.3.

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