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TS 29.512CT3
5GS — Session Management Policy Control Service

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WI Acronym:  5GS_Ph1-CT
Rapporteur:  Mr. Zhou, XiaoyunHuaWei Technologies Co., Ltd
See also:
TS 29.507  for the Npcf_AMPolicyControl Service
TS 29.514  for the Npcf_PolicyAuthorization Service
TS 29.523  for the Npcf_EventExposure Service
TS 29.525  for the Npcf_UEPolicyControl Service

The present document provides the stage 3 specification of the Npcf Session Management Policy Control Service of 5G system.
Symbolic representation of 5GS Npcf services
The Session Management Policy Control Service performs provisioning, update and removal of session related policies and PCC rules by the Policy Control Function (PCF) to the NF service consumer (i.e. SMF). The Session Management Policy Control Service can be used for charging control, policy control and/or application detection and control. Session Management Policy Control Service applies to the cases where the SMF interacts with the PCF in the non-roaming scenario, the V-SMF interacts with the V-PCF in the local breakout roaming scenario and the H-SMF interacts with the H-PCF in the home-routed scenario.
  • Npcf_SMPolicyControl

full Table of Contents for  TS 29.512  Word version:   16.3.0

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1  ScopeWord-p. 10
2  References
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord-p. 11
4  Npcf_SMPolicyControl ServiceWord-p. 13
4.1  Service Description
4.2  Service Operations
4.2.1  Introduction
4.2.2  Npcf_SMPolicyControl_Create Service Operation
4.2.3  Npcf_SMPolicyControl_UpdateNotify Service OperationWord-p. 30
4.2.4  Npcf_SMPolicyControl_Update Service OperationUp  General  Requesting the update of the Session Management related policiesWord-p. 38  Request the policy based on revalidation timeWord-p. 40  Policy provisioning and enforcement of authorized AMBR per PDU session  Policy provisioning and enforcement of authorized default QoSWord-p. 41  Application detection information reporting  Indication of QoS Flow Termination Implications  3GPP PS Data Off SupportWord-p. 42  Request and Report of Access Network Information  Request Usage Monitoring Control and Reporting Accumulated UsageWord-p. 43  Ipv6 Multi-homing supportWord-p. 44  Request and report for the result of PCC rule removal  Access Network Charging Identifier request and report  Request and report for the successful resource allocation notificationWord-p. 45  PCC Rule Error Report  Presence Reporting Area Information ReportWord-p. 46  UE initiates a resource modification support  Trace ControlWord-p. 48  Negotiation of the QoS flow for IMS signalling  Notification about Service Data Flow QoS target enforcementUp  Session Rule Error ReportWord-p. 49  Request the termination of SM Policy association [R16]  Reporting of TSN information [R16]  Notification about Service Data Flow QoS Monitoring [R16]Word-p. 50
4.2.5  Npcf_SMPolicyControl_Delete Service Operation
4.2.6  Provisioning and Enforcement of Policy DecisionsUp  General  PCC RulesWord-p. 53  Overview  Gate functionWord-p. 54  Policy enforcement for authorized QoS per PCC Rule  Redirect function  Usage Monitoring ControlWord-p. 55  Traffic Steering Control support  Conditioned PCC ruleWord-p. 57  PCC rule for resource sharingWord-p. 58  Resource reservation for services sharing priorityWord-p. 59  PCC rule bound to the default QoS flowWord-p. 60  PCC rule for Application Detection and ControlWord-p. 61  Provisioning of PCC Rules for Multimedia Priority Services  Sponsored Data ConnectivityWord-p. 63  Support for PCC rule versioning  Background data transfer supportWord-p. 64  Number of supported packet filter for signalled QoS rule limitation support  Access traffic steering, switching and splitting support [R16]  QoS Monitoring to assist URLLC Service [R16]Word-p. 66  Provisioning of PCC Rules for Mission Critical Services [R16]  Session RulesUp  Policy control request triggers  Encoding of the request of information reportingWord-p. 72  Authorized QoS
4.2.7  Detection and handling of late arriving requests [R16]
5  Npcf_SMPolicyControl Service APIWord-p. 78
5.1  Introduction
5.2  Usage of HTTP
5.3  Resources
5.4  Custom Operations without associated resourcesWord-p. 83
5.5  Notifications
5.6  Data Model
5.6.1  General
5.6.2  Structured data typesWord-p. 89  Introduction  Type SmPolicyControl  Type SmPolicyContextDataWord-p. 90  Type SmPolicyDecisionWord-p. 92  Type SmPolicyNotificationWord-p. 93  Type PccRuleWord-p. 94  Type SessionRuleWord-p. 96  Type QosDataWord-p. 97  Type ConditionDataWord-p. 98  Type TrafficControlDataWord-p. 99  Type ChargingDataWord-p. 100  Type UsageMonitoringDataWord-p. 101  Type RedirectInformationWord-p. 102  Type FlowInformationUp  Type SmPolicyDeleteDataWord-p. 103  Type QosCharacteristics  Type ChargingInformationWord-p. 104  Type AccuUsageReport  Type SmPolicyUpdateContextDataWord-p. 105  Type UpPathChgEventWord-p. 107  Type TerminationNotification  Type AppDetectionInfo  Type AccNetChId  Type RequestedRuleDataWord-p. 108  Type RequestedUsageData  Type UeCampingRep  Type RuleReportWord-p. 109  Type RanNasRelCause  Type UeInitiatedResourceRequest  Type PacketFilterInfoWord-p. 110  Type RequestedQos  Type QosNotificationControlInfo  Type PartialSuccessReportWord-p. 111  Type AuthorizedDefaultQosUp  Type AccNetChargingAddressWord-p. 112  Type ErrorReport  Type SessionRuleReport  Type ServingNfIdentity  Type SteeringMode [R16]Word-p. 113  Type QosMonitoringData [R16]Word-p. 114  Type TsnBridgeInfo [R16]Word-p. 115  Type QosMonitoringReport [R16]
5.6.3  Simple data types and enumerations
5.7  Error handlingWord-p. 126
5.8  Feature negotiationWord-p. 128
5.9  SecurityWord-p. 130
A (Normative)  OpenAPI specificationWord-p. 131
B (Normative)  5GC and EPC interworking scenario supportWord-p. 157
C (Normative)  Wireless and wireline convergence access support [R16]
D  Change historyWord-p. 167

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