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TS 29.510 (CT4)
5GS — Network Function Repository Services

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Symbolic representation of 5GS Nnrf services

Rapporteur:  Mr. De Gregorio, Jesus

The present document specifies the stage 3 protocol and data model for the Nnrf Service Based Interface. It provides stage 3 protocol definitions and message flows, and specifies the API for each service offered by the NRF:
  • Nnrf_NFManagement
  • Nnrf_NFDiscovery
  • Nnrf_AccessToken

full Table of Contents for  TS 29.510  Word version:   16.1.0


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1  ScopeWord-p. 9
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 10
4  OverviewWord-p. 11
5  Services Offered by the NRF
5.1  Introduction
5.2  Nnrf_NFManagement Service
5.3  Nnrf_NFDiscovery ServiceWord-p. 27
5.4  Nnrf_AccessToken ServiceWord-p. 31
6  API DefinitionsWord-p. 34
6.1  Nnrf_NFManagement Service API
6.1.1  API URI
6.1.2  Usage of HTTP
6.1.3  Resources
6.1.4  Custom Operations without associated resourcesWord-p. 43
6.1.5  NotificationsUp
6.1.6  Data ModelWord-p. 44  General  Structured data typesWord-p. 47  Introduction  Type: NFProfileWord-p. 48  Type: NFServiceWord-p. 54  Type: DefaultNotificationSubscriptionWord-p. 57  Type: IpEndPointWord-p. 58  Type: UdrInfo  Type: UdmInfo  Type: AusfInfoWord-p. 59  Type: SupiRange  Type: IdentityRangeWord-p. 60  Type: AmfInfo  Type: SmfInfoWord-p. 61  Type: UpfInfoWord-p. 62  Type: SnssaiUpfInfoItem  Type: DnnUpfInfoItemWord-p. 63  Type: SubscriptionDataWord-p. 64  Type: NotificationDataWord-p. 66  Type: NFServiceVersionWord-p. 67  Type: PcfInfo  Type: BsfInfoWord-p. 68  Type: Ipv4AddressRange  Type: Ipv6PrefixRange  Type: InterfaceUpfInfoItemUp  Type: UriList  Type: N2InterfaceAmfInfoWord-p. 69  Type: TaiRange  Type: TacRange  Type: SnssaiSmfInfoItemWord-p. 70  Type: DnnSmfInfoItem  Type: NrfInfoWord-p. 71  Type: ChfInfoWord-p. 72  Type: ChfServiceInfo  Type: PlmnRangeUp  Type: SubscrCondWord-p. 73  Type: NfInstanceCond  Type: NfTypeCond  Type: ServiceNameCond  Type: AmfCondWord-p. 74  Type: GuamiListCond  Type: NetworkSliceCond  Type: NfGroupCond  Type: NotifConditionWord-p. 75  Type: PlmnSnssaiUp  Type: NwdafInfo [R16]  Type: LmfInfo [R16]Word-p. 76  Type: GmlcInfo [R16]  Type: NefInfo [R16]  Type: PfdData [R16]  Type: AfEventExposureData [R16]Word-p. 77  Type: WAgfInfo [R16]  Type: TngfInfo [R16]  Type: PcscfInfo [R16]  Type: NfSetCond [R16]Word-p. 78  Type: NfServiceSetCond [R16]  Simple data types and enumerations
6.1.7  Error Handling
6.1.8  SecurityUp
6.2  Nnrf_NFDiscovery Service APIWord-p. 83
6.2.1  API URI
6.2.2  Usage of HTTP
6.2.3  Resources
6.2.4  Custom Operations without associated resources
6.2.5  NotificationsUp
6.2.6  Data Model
6.2.7  Error Handling
6.2.8  SecurityWord-p. 102
6.2.9  Features supported by the NFDiscovery service
6.3  Nnrf_AccessToken Service API
A (Normative)  OpenAPI specification
B (Normative)  NF Profile changes in NFRegister and NFUpdate (NF Profile Complete Replacement) responsesWord-p. 146
C  Change history

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