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5  Core Use Casesp. 53

This clause documents the core use cases and scenarios for AR/MR devices, which serve to extract requirements, functional structure, related media format, and protocols for the 5G systems. Parts of the use cases are derived from XR use cases in TR 26.928 based on the relevance to AR/MR device type. In addition, the other use cases and scenarios are collected in Annex A of this document.
Table 5-1 provides a list of all the collected use cases.
No Use Case Reference
13D Image Messaging Annex A.2 in [2]
2AR Sharing Annex A.3 in [2]
3Real-time 3D Communication Annex A.8 in [2]
4AR guided assistant at remote location (industrial services) Annex A.9 in [2]
5Police Critical Mission with AR Annex A.10 in [2]
6Online shopping from a catalogue - downloading Annex A.11 in [2]
7Real-time communication with the shop assistant Annex A.12 in [2]
8360-degree conference meeting Annex A.13 in [2]
9XR Meeting Annex A.16 in [2]
10Convention / Poster Session Annex A.17 in [2]
11AR animated avatar calls Annex A.18 in [2]
12AR avatar multi-party calls Annex A.19 in [2]
13Front-facing camera video multi-party calls Annex A.20 in [2]
14AR Streaming with Localization Registry Annex A.21 in [2]
155G Shared Spatial Data Annex A.24 in [2]
16AR remote cooperation Annex A.1
17AR remote advertising Annex A.2
18Streaming of volumetric video for glass-type MR devices Annex A.3
19AR Conferencing Annex A.4
20AR IoT Annex A.5
21AR gaming Annex A.6
22Shared AR conferencing experience Annex A.7
The use cases may be grouped into several categories based on the similar requirements for media flow and device functional structure.

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