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1  Scopep. 7

The present document provides a study of stereoscopic 3D video services over 3GPP networks and terminals. Technical definitions, use case descriptions, working assumptions, subjective tests results and technical studies are presented.
This document identifies the gaps within the Release 10 3GPP specifications in order to enable the implementation of the mobile 3D video use cases.

2  Referencesp. 7

The following documents contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of the present document.
  • References are either specific (identified by date of publication, edition number, version number, etc.) or non-specific.
  • For a specific reference, subsequent revisions do not apply.
  • For a non-specific reference, the latest version applies. In the case of a reference to a 3GPP document (including a GSM document), a non-specific reference implicitly refers to the latest version of that document in the same Release as the present document.
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3  Definitions and abbreviationsp. 8

3.1  Definitionsp. 8

For the purposes of the present document, the terms and definitions given in TR 21.905 and the following apply. A term defined in the present document takes precedence over the definition of the same term, if any, in TR 21.905.

3.2  Abbreviationsp. 9

For the purposes of the present document, the abbreviations given in TR 21.905 and the following apply. An abbreviation defined in the present document takes precedence over the definition of the same abbreviation, if any, in TR 21.905.
Advanced Video Coding
Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP
High-Definition Multimedia Interface
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
IP Multimedia Subsystem
Internet Protocol
Interpupillary Distance
Long Term Evolution
Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Services
Media Presentation Description
Multimedia Telephony Services for IMS
Multiview Video Coding
Packet Switched Streaming Service
Real Time Protocol
Session Description Protocol

4  Generalp. 10

4.1  Introductionp. 10

This Technical Report provides a study on mobile 3D stereoscopic video in 3GPP. Use cases and technical solutions are investigated regarding a variety of setups using 3GPP's streaming, multicast/broadcast, download and progressive download as well as conversational services. Clause 5 provides a definition of the stereoscopic 3D video technologies and terminology as well as a video codecs performance comparison. Clauses 6 and 7 focus on use cases for which the working assumptions and the operation points are defined before providing a technical analysis, whereas clause 8 provides a set of use cases in which further study is required so as to identify the gaps. Clause 9 introduces subjective tests conducted on a 3D capable mobile terminal and clause 10 presents a generic approach for 3D content adaptation depending on the client terminal charasteristics. The conclusion summarizes the recommended way forward for the introduction of 3D stereoscopic video support in 3GPP specifications.

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