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TS 26.234 (SA4)
PSS – Transparent end-to-end Packet-Switched Streaming service –
Protocols and Codecs

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Gabin, Frederic
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Streaming refers to the ability of an application to play synchronised media streams like audio and video streams in a continuous way while those streams are being transmitted to the client over a data network.

Applications, which can be built on top of streaming services, can be classified into on-demand and live information delivery applications. Examples of the first category are music and news-on-demand applications. Live delivery of radio and television programs are examples of the second category.

The 3GPP PSS provides a framework for Internet Protocol (IP) based streaming applications in 3G networks.

This TS specifies the protocols and codecs for the PSS within the 3GPP system. Protocols for control signalling, capability exchange, media transport, rate adaptation and protection are specified. Codecs for speech, natural and synthetic audio, video, still images, bitmap graphics, vector graphics, timed text and text are specified. This TS is applicable to IP-based packet-switched networks.