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TS 26.237SA4
IMS-based PSS and MBMS User Service –

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Gabin, Frederic

The 3GPP Packet Switch Streaming (PSS) provides a framework for Internet Protocol (IP) based streaming applications in by specifying protocols and codecs within the 3GPP system. Protocols for control signalling, capability exchange, media transport, rate adaptation and protection are specified. Codecs for speech, natural and synthetic audio, video, still images, bitmap graphics, vector graphics, timed text and text are specified.
The 3GPP Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Service (MBMS) provides a framework for broadcast and Multicast streaming and download applications in 3GPP networks supporting the MBMS bearer service. The MBMS user services are enabled by a set of specified media codecs, formats and transport/application protocols. MBMS user services are built on top of the MBMS bearer service. There are two delivery methods for the MBMS user services: download and streaming.
The 3GPP IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) enables the deployment of IP multimedia applications. PSS and MBMS User Services are IP multimedia services but they were specified before IMS. IMS brings enablers and features to operators and subscribers that can enhance the experience of PSS and MBMS User Services.
The purpose of the present document is the specification of use of the IMS to initiate and control PSS and MBMS User Service. This should enable deployment of PSS and MBMS user services as IMS services. Note that the present specification uses components of the 3GPP PSS, 3GPP MBMS , ETSI TISPAN IPTV and Open IPTV Forum standards specifications.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 12
2  ReferencesWord-p. 12
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 14
4  System descriptionWord-p. 15
5  Service Provider DiscoveryWord-p. 22
6  User Service DiscoveryWord-p. 23
7  User Service Description retrievalWord-p. 26
8  Streaming session and media controlWord-p. 27
9  Policy and charging controlUpWord-p. 60
10  Security ProceduresWord-p. 61
11  Blending of Presence and PSS/MBMS user services [R9]Word-p. 72
12  Networked Bookmark Service [R9]Word-p. 73
13  User generated content service [R9]Word-p. 76
14  MBMS Download Service [R9]Word-p. 78
15  PSS download service [R9]Word-p. 88
16  Inter UE Session Transfer [R9]Word-p. 98
17  Parental Control Service [R10]Word-p. 102
18  Forced Playout Constraints [R10]Word-p. 109
19  3GP-DASH (Dynamic and Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) service [R10]Word-p. 111
20  Network PVR [R10]Word-p. 120
21  Content Referral Service (CRS) [R10]Word-p. 125
A (Normative)  3gpp_rtsp applicationWord-p. 130
B  ExamplesWord-p. 131
C (Normative)  Void
D (Normative)  XML Schema for PSS and MBMS commandsWord-p. 133
E (Normative)  XML Schemas for the PSS content switch dataWord-p. 134
F (Normative)  XML Schemas for the MBMS content switch dataWord-p. 135
G (Normative)  XML Schema for PSS and MBMS UE Device CapabilitiesWord-p. 136
H (Normative)  XML Schema for Service Attachment InformationWord-p. 137
I (Normative)  XML Schemas for SIP based MBMS security proceduresWord-p. 140
J (Normative)  XML Schema for nBookmark [R9]Word-p. 141
K (Normative)  XML Schema for Content Report Configuration [R10]Word-p. 143
L (Normative)  XML Schema for Parental Control Service [R10]Word-p. 144
M (Normative)  PSS&MBMS User Profile Extension [R10]Word-p. 145
N (Normative)  XML Schema for Network PVR [R10]Word-p. 146
O (Normative)  XML Schema for Service Provider Initiated Content Referral Service (CRS) [R10]Word-p. 148
P  File Naming convention for XML schemas [R10]Word-p. 149
Q (Normative)  Content Reporting Configuration Info Package [R10]Word-p. 150
R  IANA registration information for SDP attributes [R12]Word-p. 152
S  Change historyWord-p. 156

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