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TS 26.244 (SA4)
PSS – Transparent End-to-End Packet-Switched Streaming Service –
3GPP File Format (3GP)

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V15.0.0 (PDF)  2018/06  69 p.
V14.1.0  2017/12  70 p.
V13.5.0  2017/12  70 p.
V12.5.0  2016/09  68 p.
V11.1.0  2012/09  62 p.
V10.2.0  2011/12  60 p.
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V8.2.0  2009/10  54 p.
V7.3.0  2007/12  51 p.
V6.7.0  2007/06  49 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Singer, David
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This TS defines the 3GPP file format (3GP) as an instance of the ISO base media file format. The definition addresses 3GPP specific features such as codec registration and conformance within the MMS and PSS services.

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1  Scope [R6]Word-p. 7
2  References [R6]
3  Definitions and abbreviations [R6]Word-p. 9
4  Overview [R6]Word-p. 10
5  Conformance [R6]
6  Codec registration [R6]Word-p. 18
7  Streaming-server extensions [R6]
8  Asset information [R6]Word-p. 36
9  Video buffer information [R6]Word-p. 44
9a  Stereoscopic 3D video [R11]Word-p. 47
10  Encryption [R6]Word-p. 49
11  Extended presentation format [R6]Word-p. 51
12  Media Stream Recording [R8]
13  HTTP streaming extensions [R9]Word-p. 55
14  Storage of CVO (Coordination of Video Orientation) data in the 3GPP File Format [R12]Word-p. 59
15  Location timed metadata in the 3GPP File Format [R13]
16  Quality timed metadata in the 3GPP File Format [R13]Up
17  Orientation timed metadata in the 3GPP File Format [R13]
A (Normative)  MIME Type Registrations for 3GP files [R6]Word-p. 60
B  Change historyWord-p. 66

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