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TS 26.247SA4
PSS – Transparent End-to-End Packet-Switched Streaming Service –
Progressive Download and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (3GP-DASH)

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Rapporteur:  Dr. Stockhammer, Thomas

The present document specifies Progressive Download and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (3GP-DASH). This specification is part of Packet-switched Streaming Service (PSS). HTTP-based progressive download and dynamic adaptive streaming are separated from TS 26.234 to differentiate from RTP-based streaming that is maintained in TS 26.234.
HTTP-based progressive download and dynamic adaptive streaming may be deployed independently from RTP-based PSS, for example by using standard HTTP/1.1 servers for hosting data formatted as defined in the present document.

full Table of Contents for  TS 26.247  Word version:   16.2.0

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1  ScopeWord-p. 10
2  References
3  Definitions, abbreviations and conventionsWord-p. 12
4  OverviewWord-p. 14
5  System Description
6  Progressive Download over HTTPWord-p. 17
7  3GPP Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP
8  DASH - Media Presentation
9  DASH - Usage of 3GPP File FormatUp
10  QoE for Progressive Download and DASH
11  Live Services [R13]Word-p. 52
11.1  Overview Dynamic and Live Media Presentations
11.2  Dynamic Segment Download
11.3  Live Services with MPD Updates
11.4  Provisioning of Live Content in On-Demand ModeWord-p. 69
11.5  Availability Time Synchronization between Client and ServerWord-p. 70
11.6  Robust Operation
12  Ad Insertion Enablers [R13]
13  Server and network assisted DASH (SAND) Support [R15]
13.1  Introduction
13.2  SAND Modes for 3GP-DASHWord-p. 74
13.3  DANE discovery
13.4  SAND Messages and Protocols for 3GP-DASHWord-p. 75
13.5  SAND Message Handling Behaviors for DANEs and DASH clientsWord-p. 77
13.6  Use of SAND for Network AssistanceWord-p. 78
13.7  Use of SAND for Proxy CachingWord-p. 89
13.8  Use of SAND for Consistent QoE/QoSWord-p. 92
13.9  SAND extension messages XML schemaWord-p. 94
13.10  SAND for Multi-Network Access ModeWord-p. 95
14  Auxiliary Metrics and Reporting [R16]
15  Service Interactivity Support via Event Signaling and DASH APIs [R16]
A  Example DASH Client BehaviourWord-p. 104
B (Normative)  Media Presentation Description SchemaWord-p. 106
C (Normative)  Descriptor Scheme DefinitionsWord-p. 108
D  MPD ExamplesWord-p. 110
E (Normative)  Void
F (Normative)  OMA DM QoE Management ObjectWord-p. 118
G (Normative)  File format extensions for 3GP DASH supportWord-p. 124
H (Normative)  MIME Type Registration for MPDWord-p. 125
I  Signalling of DASH AVP values for QoS handling in the PCCWord-p. 127
J (Normative)  MIME Type Registration for QoE ReportsWord-p. 129
K (Normative)  ITU-T P.1203 Audio/Video MOS Estimation [R14]Word-p. 131
L (Normative)  QoE Measurement Collection Functionalities [R14]Word-p. 134
M  Change historyWord-p. 138

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